Drool-worthy RSPCA Cupcake Day Inspiration

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Monday the 15th of August is RSPCA Cupcake Day!

Could there be a better way to fight animal cruelty than with cupcakes? We certainly couldn’t think of one!

There are so many delicious recipes out there, it can be hard work choosing which ones to make this Cupcake Day.

If you’ve got your bowl and wooden spoon ready, but are in need of a little inspiration, check out some of the drool-worthy cupcake recipes below!

Feeling a bit fancy? Check out this mouthwatering Red Velvet Cupcake recipe – we have no doubt your friends, family and colleagues will be impressed!

Nutella is such a versatile treat. It can be enjoyed on toast, biscuits or simply on a spoon, so why adding Nutella to a cupcake? Try this indulgent Nutella Cupcake recipe – you won’t be disappointed.

After something a little more zesty? These Lemon Lime Cupcakes might just be the recipe you’re looking for! Feeling a little creative? Go the extra mile by adding a little lemon slice on top for decoration!

These decadent Salted Caramel Cupcakes are not for the faint-hearted. If you’re short on time, decorate these beauties by adding a jersey caramel on top instead of homemade toffee!

Is there anything better than Lemon Meringue Pie? These Lemon Meringue Cupcakes might just be! Be warned however, this recipe is for the serious baker, as you’re going to need a kitchen torch to lightly caramelise the meringue.

If your mouth is watering at the sight of these delicious recipes, take the first step and register for the RSPCA Cupcake Day NOW!

Happy Baking!

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