Instant Social Push Updates are Here!

We here at Everyday Hero have been working hard over these past few months and we are super excited to announce our new Instant Social Push functionality!

This means that now every time you post a photo, update or video to your Supporter Page’s activity feed you can choose to instantly share it with your social networks!


This makes spreading the word about what you are doing even easier and all shared posts link back to your Supporter Page, encouraging your friends to read more about what you’re doing and make a donation.

Full control over what is shared and when

The even better news is that you are in control over what posts are shared on social media. So no accidental auto-shares, just easy user-initiated sharing each time you post.

Once you have connected your social accounts to your Everyday Hero account, you simply need to click on the icon of the social network you wish to share your post to. You can share on Facebook, Twitter or both at the same time, and the post is pushed out instantly at the same time as it appears on their Supporter Page’s activity Feed.

Instant Share to Facebook

But what if I forget to share when I post my Page?

Never fear! Well we’ve thought of that too! All updates on the activity feed now have a ‘Post’ and ‘Tweet’ button which means you can retrospectively share, whenever you want to.

Retrospective Posting

 Managing social connections

Connecting your social media accounts is also really simple. You can either do this using the ‘Manage Connections’ section of your Everyday Hero Account, or you can connect your social media accounts on the fly when you first choose to use the Instant Push Functionality to share an update.

Managing Social Connections

For those of you that have signed up to Everyday Hero using Facebook, this social network will already be connected so you can start sharing straight away!

Ultimately, we know you want choice and control over what you post, so we’ve designed our social share functionality with this in mind.

Team Page Management Enhancements

We’ve also just released a few in-Page enhancements that will help those Team Leaders amongst you the ability to more easily manage your Team. We’ve reduced the number of ‘sidebar’ Team Options in favour of more prominent buttons and prompts displayed in the ‘Team Members’ section. This allows you to quickly add and remove Team Members.

You will also be pleased to note that we’ve moved team invitations and requests into this section as well, so when logged in, you can instantly see and approve these straight from the Team Page itself without being redirected to another screen.

Team Page Management Enhancements

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start sharing!

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