Raising a generation of givers: How Run Melbourne can help your kids learn the joy of giving

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Are you participating in the Run Melbourne this year? Don’t just make it your personal best – make it a family affair!

We all know that children learn by example, so why not them in your training and fundraising?

More often than not, kids are more interested in the latest go-to technology fad, so we understand it can be difficult for them to see just how much of a difference fundraising can make.

Fundraising for kids is usually limited to walking the streets and knocking on neighbours front doors with a box of freddo frogs, which can be time-consuming for little reward.

So let’s shake it up a little.

After all, there are plenty of ways to introduce and engage kids in charitable causes! Here are a couple of ideas to try with your kids today:


We all know spending more time with the kids is high on everyone’s priority list, but with our increasingly busy schedules, it can be tough to actually do.

That being said, you’re already spending time training right? Why not get your kids involved by including them in your Run Melbourne training regime!

Asking them to pull on their sneakers and hit the pavement with you is a great excuse to kick start your kids exercise routine and a fantastic way to get them to put down that i-pad they’ve become so attached to.

Get moving, get healthy and do something amazing for the cause you love. And the best part- doing it together!


Kids are curious creatures by nature, and will undoubtedly have plenty of questions about your running and why you care.

Take a moment as you sit down for dinner each night and ask them what they care about, who they love and what they are grateful for, their perspective on the world might just take you by surprise!

The good thing about Run Melbourne is that kids can choose their favourite charity to fundraise for!

They will be so much more inspired to get involved if it is a charity or cause they have been touched by or are interested in.

If they love animals, get them fundraising for an animal shelter! It could be as simple as something they have seen during the day, it could be a pet they love and would like to help others who don’t already have a home or a classmate who is affected by tragedy.

Spending some time encouraging your children to think and help others will make a huge difference to how they treat others for the rest of their lives.


Your friends and family will be more inclined to donate to your cause if they can see how and why you care about it so much.

And spreading good vibes might just brighten up their day too!

Getting the whole family together to fundraise will show those around you, just how passionate you all are!

Plus, the feeling of achievement your kids will feel from seeing their efforts turn into donations is priceless.


Did you know that fundraisers who donate to their own page on average receive 120% more in donations? That’s huge!

It makes sense to support the cause you’re passionate about, and it’s a good opportunity to encourage your children to donate some of their hard-earned cash as well.

So, why not ask your kids to give to your Run Melbourne fundraising page out of their own pocket money?

Not only will it instantly kick-start their giving, it’s a feel-good way to increase the likelihood of them donating to other causes in the future!


The most important thing about these events is to feel fit and have fun with those you love most.

The thrill of being part of something bigger is contagious and will put a smile on your face well beyond crossing that finish line!

Encourage your kids not to get too stressed about hitting a fundraising goal, just remind them that everything counts, and every donation, big or small, is going towards something amazing.

Everyone has a story and a cause close to their heart. So, find something your whole family is passionate about and start from there. On the 24th July, no matter how big or small, you can and will make a difference in the world with every kilometre you run in the Run Melbourne!

If there is one thing you do today, make sure you sign them up to give their perspiration purpose. The 3km Kids Run for Run Melbourne, is on the 23rd July, and is a fantastic way to start!

For more info and to sign up, click here!

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