Top Tips for Raising Money At Home


  1. Host a cook off! Ask your friends and family to each contribute their favourite dish for an evening of delicious foods with everyone paying an entrance fee to your supporter page to take part. At the end of the evening have everyone vote and then present the winner with a token gesture (a toy medal or printed certificate for example) as well as complete and utter bragging rights.
  2. You know all those mobile phones you have taking up space in drawers you never open in your home? Good news, there are companies out there who are willing to give you money for these decorative paper weights! Recycling your old phone will not only help your carbon footprint but also contribute to your money raised!
  3. Been putting off washing your car? You’re most likely one of a large number of people in your neighbourhood doing the exact same thing. Why not offer up your car cleaning services one Saturday and in return the happy clean car owners give to your supporter page?
  4. Offer to run errands for a small donation! Chances are that you know a lot of busy people who are always complaining about never having time to get things done so why not help out and ask them to contribute to your charity (or fundraising page) as thanks.
  5. Been thinking about having a clear out? Put on a garage sale to get rid of all those unwanted items whilst at the same time raising money for your cause.
  6. Place a swear jar at home. Pretty self explanatory
  7. Offer your dog walking services! Charge $5 or $10 to walk your neighbourhood pooches! Added bonus, you get to hang out with super cute animals for a day.

Create your everydayhero fundraising page to start raising money at home for the cause closest to your heart.

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