World Humanitarian Day

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There are so many good vibes in the air today with World Humanitarian Day upon us!

World Humanitarian Day is a great time to stop and recognise the amazing people in our world who have dedicated their lives to promote human welfare, and stamp out adversity and suffering.

It’s poignant to take some time to acknowledge that one person really can make a difference in this world.

Of course, some notable humanitarians include Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Oskar Schindler, just to name a few.

However there are some amazing humanitarians in our very own backyard.

Allow us to inspire you with four everydayheroes who are doing mass amounts of good for the world.

Tash Myers


“Where you live should not determine whether you endure terrible suffering.”

Aside from a massive fundraising effort, Tash has recently returned from Ethiopia where she has been helping out at local hospital facilities.

These hospitals help reduce the likelihood of stillbirths, obstructed labours and natal complications. They also providing training to midwives who are able to continue such great work to care for these women.

Kerry Thomas


“It excites me that we can insight change – that there can something around the corner for these women.”

Kerry has spent a lot of time in a small village in Cambodia helping to break down potential cultural, religious and gender barriers that might arise for young girls and mothers.

She continues that great work that Raw Impact does to help run educational and sustainability initiatives in Cambodia since 2013.

Roopa Patel


I arrived in Australia as a migrant and have had many successes in my personal and professional life and feel that everyone who is seeking asylum should have the right to also excel in their life.”

Roopa has done some amazing work raising funds and awareness for Settlement Services International to ensure that displaced people have access to vital programs to assist their integration into their local community.

John Mahoney


“My story is inconsequential compared to the stories of others…”

After floods ravaged Chennai in India in 2015, John has dedicated hours upon hours to raise awareness and funds for Friends of Mithra, a charity dedicated to repair the damage caused and look after the children affected.

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