10 Tips to Help You Reach Your Fundraising Goal

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to raise money for a charity you care about. You’ve also chosen to fundraise on everydayhero (good choice!). Now you need to focus on reaching your goal, raising awareness and completing your event.

Fundraising is more than just the act of raising money for charity. Sure that’s the final goal, but when you take a step back and realise why you are raising money it becomes more than just that. You want to help; you want to improve someone else’s life. Even though it may only be an hour a day once a week, or a weekend dedicated to baking, you are making a personal sacrifice. And for that we are here to help, to say thank you and to offer support!

Where should you start?

The best place for any fundraiser to start is on their fundraising page. From here you can 1. personalise your fundraising story, 2. add a profile photo and 3. share your page.

1. Your fundraising story should have three key ingredients: it should let your supporters know why you are fundraising, why they should donate to you and what your charity means to you. Your story by no means has to be a novel, but something that will evoke emotion and inspire friends, family and supporters to get behind you and donate to your cause!

2. Adding a profile photo may seem like a menial task. But when I tell you that fundraisers who add a profile photo raise on average 118% more than those who don’t, then it is simply a no-brainer! Besides, everyone loves to see a friendly face!

A photo is more than just an image. It can provoke emotion and memories. Say, for example, you are running in memory of a grandparent. Have your profile photo of you and them so friends and colleagues will be able to see why you are doing what you’re doing!

3. Share. Your. Page. I can’t emphasise enough how important sharing your page is. By sharing your page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you are reaching your whole social network with just a few clicks! It’s simple but also effective – fundraisers who share their page socially raise on average €99 more than those who don’t!

Making use of resources available to you

As a fundraiser you will hear lots of advice (yes, exactly like this!). Some good, some… meh. However, our advice is backed by stats – WOO! And one important tip I will give to you is to link your page to MapMyFitness or Strava. No this is not a plug for an app, this is a handy tool that you can use to get the most out of your fundraising.

4. MapMyFitness will automatically upload your training routines to your everydayhero Apart from showing your supporters how fit and fast you are, it also shows them that you are putting in a lot of effort and really want to finish that marathon, run that 10k or complete that MoonWalk. When supporters see that you are out training and putting in the effort, they are more likely to donate and get behind you. If you still need convincing, by connecting your MMF account to everydayhero you’ll raise an average of 46% more than those who don’t. (<STATS WOO!)

5. So, you’ve shared your page on Facebook – but “what else I do?” I hear you ask. HOW COULD I RAISE 67% MORE THAN THE AVERAGE BEAR (FUNDRAISER)? Well, it’s all about creating a Facebook Group – research across everydayhero has found that those who share their page in a group are super successful. And the reason why? It’s because you’re including people in a special group designed with one purpose – to support your fundraising and keep up to date with your progress.

Back to your fundraising page!

By now you’re probably used to your page, but have you posted an update, have you shared a photo… have you?

6. Updating your supporters throughout your training and the event itself keeps people coming back to your page. This means they are more likely to donate again or share your page with their peers. Peer to peer fundraising, great isn’t it!?

Know your stuff

Asking someone for money is just so terribly un-British, which is why we all can struggle at times. But having a good reason and knowing about your charity (and the event you are undertaking) can only increase your chances of connecting your cause and need with potential donors.

7. When approaching friends for money have a set amount in mind. Usually people struggle to donate as they don’t know what is expected of them. So for example, say “€20 would be great, as not only does it bring my goal down to €X but €20 allows charity X to carry out action Y.” Remember that asking doesn’t have to be difficult! Sharing your page socially is an Ask, emailing it to work colleagues is an Ask. Be inventive and challenge your friends! Ask them collectively to donate €100 by X date and if they do, you’ll complete a forfeit of their choosing!

The Great British Bake Off

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood you may not be, but everyone loves a good cupcake, crème egg brownie (shout out to our designer Nicole!) or even a chocolate pecan pie (looking at you Sandy). Bake sales are a great way to raise some extra cash.

8. Ask for a small donation for each piece of cake and your goal will be looking all the more closer by the end of the day! And you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the thought of making 1000 batches of brownies; ask your colleagues, friends and family for a bit of help!


Saying please and thank you comes naturally in everyday life. But when someone gives you a donation, do you ignore it and/or mention it the next time you see them? Well, whatever you do it is imperative to remember manners. No, this isn’t a telling off, but a piece of friendly advice!

9. Fundraisers who send a thank you email to their donors will raise on average 80% more. Even though your mum may have told you manners cost nothing, this goes to prove they can cost you a lot! Saying thanks on your everydayhero page is easy and takes very little effort. Remember, manners cost nothing but a lack of manners can cost you donations.

10. So, you’ve asked and you’ve asked but you’re still quite short of your goal. You look at who’s donated and SHOCK! The one person you thought would really get behind this cause still hasn’t donated…you! Giving yourself a small donation shows to your supporters that you are serious about this cause and really want to help out your charity! So practice what you preach and you’ll reach that goal in no time!

One Last Thing

So there you have it, 10 tips to help you reach or even beat your goal. And don’t worry, you don’t have to do all of them to be a successful fundraiser. We know everyone doesn’t have time to bake, or some of us may not even have Facebook and think Twitter is just a sound that birds make. But if there is one thing you should take from my 10 tips it’s this:

11. Never be afraid to increase your goal.

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