Doing a skydive for charity!


Jumping out of a plane is a scary thought for anybody but it’s an adventure that more and more people are undertaking in order to fundraise for charity. It’s something that might give some people sleepless nights. But what better way to find out about it than speaking to those who were crazy brave enough to do it.

One would imagine that there is some form of mental preparation needed before you decide to put yourself through such an ordeal. It turns out most people don’t really think about it and put it out of their mind.

Mags O’Connor from Waterford said, “I tried not to think about it, the pep talk before it when they keep saying you can DIE, do you understand that? It was pretty intense.” A huge motivation for Mags in putting it out of her mind was the fact she was doing it for a cause that was dear to her heart, suicide awareness and prevention. She did it for Suicide or Survive. Commenting Mags said, “I didn’t allow myself to think about it as I’m terrified of heights, first time I allowed myself to think about it was on the morning at the scary prep talk. I was raising funds for a cause I really believe in so I got over myself.”

Mags friend and fellow skydive daredevil Jo Quinn also took the approach its best not to think about it. In her jovial style she remarked, “To be honest I didn’t try to think too much into it. It was more of a booked-it-and-then-couldn’t-back-out kind of thing. It was half way up during take-off I started to think “Oh crap what have I signed up for?” It was pretty surreal really.”

One other skydiver we spoke to, Orla, was slightly more anxious than Jo and Mags about jumping out of a plane. She said, “I was terrified so I just imagined the skydive as a very short period of time that I had to get through and I removed the option from backing out from my head.”

Despite the trepidation and fear of doing it most would agree that’s it’s a great experience that they wouldn’t hesitate to do again. As Jo put it, “Go for it, it was the most amazing mind blowing surreal experience of my life! I wanted to go again the minute I landed!”

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Tips from successful fundraisers for doing it for a charity

Doing it for a charity is a really good motivational factor not to pull out of doing something you fear. Once you’ve signed up and committed to doing it for a charity there’s no backing out.

Give yourself plenty of time in the lead up to doing it as a fundraising event as this helps to garner more funds.

Everyone said their friends and family were amazing in supporting them in their venture and the fact it was far charity made the support even greater.

Choose a cause that is close to your heart as it will make you more determined and resilient to do the skydive.

So if you’re looking for an event to overcome fear, have fun, bring people together and help to raise necessary funds for charities getting in a plane and jumping out of it is certainly a compelling one to choose.

So here are my ideas for your next skydive!

  1. Try to block out the fear about the danger involved in doing a skydive. Statistically there are a lot of other things that are far more mundane where there are greater risks involved.
  2. Get in contact with your jump instructor who will put you fully at ease about the occasion. These guys are trained instructors who have completed over 500 previous jumps
  3. Seek advice from other people that have done one before as they all have great things to say about it
  4. Visualise yourself doing it and imagine what the experience will be like
  5. Enjoy the experience as there are very few experiences that will match it in life
  6. If you’re fundraising why not let your friends, family and colleagues know about it before or after the event because there are very few wouldn’t want to help you out.

And don’t forget, you can fundraise for any event. Be it baking some cakes and selling them at work, to climbing Ben Nevis or even running in a marathon! The world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless. Best of luck in your fundraising adventures in the future.

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