Welcome to the new everydayhero, wonderful people.

You’ll notice a few big and exciting changes have taken place on Mycharity.ie, now everydayhero, including a new supporter account, new website and new branding.

These changes aren’t just a facelift…they are a complete re-imagination of the giving experience and have been carefully developed from years of research, through which we’ve heard first hand from you about what you love about giving to charity and also about what’s missing from the experience.

Here’s a brief outline of the changes you’ll notice, but to get the full experience make sure you log in to your account and visit our brand new website!

Your account has changed, so now everything counts!


Because all too often, the problem with trying to make a difference in the world, is knowing whether you are making a difference, or how much of one. We know that when you fundraise for your favourite charities you actually give so much more to them than just the money you raise. 

In a world first, your everydayhero account now enables you to see how everything you give counts and allows you to track in real-time the impact of your voice, effort, money and community on your new Giving Footprint. Your Giving Footprint is a dynamic visualization of your giving over your lifetime and grows with each action you take in support of the causes you care about.

Because giving isn’t just about whether you reach your fundraising goal, it’s also about everything you put in to your activity from sharing your page, to thanking your donors, to logging your workouts through MapMyFitness. With the new everydayhero, everything you give counts and is counted inside your account.

Log in now to see the difference you’ve personally made so far on your own Giving Footprint and watch it grow as you continue to support your favourite charities in future.

Our new website is designed to better help you help the causes you love.

We are so pleased to be able to share with you our new-look website which has been designed to not only improve navigation, but also incorporate the faces and stories of our community of wonderful supporters. Because everydayhero is really about you…so we’ve re-designed our website with YOU in mind.

You’ll now be able to more easily find other supporters, charities and events through the search on the homepage as well as learn more about the many ways you can now use everydayhero to give to your favourite causes through ‘Ways to Give’ on the green navigation bar.


Possibly the most exciting thing about our new website is the Wonderwall – a beautiful online space we have created to showcase and tell the stories of wonderful people like you who are doing good. It’s a place of inspiration, of acknowledgement and of recognition of the generosity of our amazing community. Make sure you check it out!

Our brandmark has changed too!



We’ve always seen you – our community of wonderful supporters – as heroes. Our brand has always been about you, for you because from the very beginning it was designed to be your brand. A brand that said something about who you are and about what’s important to you and one that empowers you to make a real difference in the world.

Over the last few years though after listening to how you feel about giving and about everydayhero, we’ve observed that perhaps originally we didn’t quite get it right.

Whilst you have loved the everydayhero brand, many of you are not completely comfortable being up on our pedestal.

You’ve since told us that in your hearts, your everydayhero experience was more about connecting with others to do something meaningful, positive, fulfilling. It was about spreading goodwill, inspiring change and raising awareness for the causes you love.

So this was enough to inspire us to change. And we have… to a new brand mark that better reflects that at the heart of our business, is the heart of your motivation… love.

Goodwill breeds goodwill.

Inspiration inspires.

Love begets love.

These are the key thoughts that our new brand mark was designed to embody and exude.

We hope you love it too.


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