What is my Giving Footprint?

All too often the problem with trying to make a difference in the world is knowing whether you are making a difference or how much of one.

When you support your favourite charity, you give so much more than just the money you raise or donate – you give your time, energy, effort and your voice as well. Those things matter, they all count…so at everydayhero we count them on your personal Giving Footprint.

From the minute you sign up to everydayhero, your Giving Footprint comes to life and begins to show you in real-time the impact of each action you take in support of your favourite charities. Thanks to clever behind-the-scenes integrations with services like MapMyFitness, Facebook and Twitter, your Giving Footprint allows you to see and track what you really give to the causes you love over your lifetime so you know the difference you are making.

To view your Giving Footprint simply sign up or log in to your everydayhero account. Once you are inside your account, you’ll see that your Giving Footprint shows your impact in 4 key areas: Effort, Voice, Community and Money.

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  1. Effort

Effort is a record of the miles, hours or calories you spend supporting the causes you love. Every time you create a page, log a MapMyFitness workout, post an update, photo or video you’ll see the impact of your efforts on your Giving Footprint! Do you love to volunteer? Whenever you create a volunteering goal or log hours, they count too and will contribute to the growth of these quadrant.

Each and every time you give your effort, you can watch your Giving Footprint grow before your eyes and feel great knowing that your actions are making a real difference.

To find out more on how to link your page with MapMyFitness click here.

  1. Voice.

Voice is a dynamic visualisation of the awareness you have created for your cause over time. It tracks your page views, each time you post and share an update, the number of times you or your friends share your fundraising page and each time you thank your generous donors by leaving them a message on your page.

  1. Community

Community is all about seeing the collective difference that you and other wonderful people like you are making for the causes you care about. On your Giving Footprint you are not only able to see the size of the community of people on everydayhero who support the same causes as you but also see how much you have raised together. You’ll be able to watch your community grow as new supporters sign up and start giving and as existing supporters continue to fundraise and donate to the causes you love. Isn’t it wonderful to know that you are part of something bigger – a community of people working together to create change!

  1. Money

 And of course you couldn’t see your true impact on your Giving Footprint if it didn’t include the money you’ve raised and given. On your Footprint, your generosity is now visually recognised and acknowledged and you can feel great knowing that every dollar has helped the causes you love continue their important work. On your Giving Footprint you can see a lifetime record of all the money you’ve raised through fundraising and all the donations you’ve made to friends, yourself or directly to your favourite charities.

As you continue to give in future, you can watch this and all the quadrants of your Giving Footprint grow and see how everything you give counts.

If you aren’t currently fundraising, create a page today and start seeing the impact you are making for the causes you care most about.

Have questions about your Giving Footprint? Feel free to contact our Sidekick Support Team here.

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