5 Fundraising ideas for St Patrick’s Day


It’s a national holiday in honour of the patron Saint of Ireland, St Patrick (there are disputed claims of his birthplace varying from Cumbria to Wales). The myth goes that he removed all the snakes from Ireland. It’s a day that is celebrated globally by a series of parades with many visitors gracing the shores of the Emerald Isle. Large crowds and a lot of booze is what first comes to mind, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing. There are several ways fundraisers can help charities on this national holiday. Here are a few simple ideas:

School Bake Sale

Green is the colour associated with the holiday and it’s a fun colour to use when baking. Parents of children in school could organise a bake sale or a coffee morning whereby they could make cupcakes with green icing or shamrock shaped biscuits. The proceeds of such an event could go to a chosen charity or even the school’s own campaign.

Dying your hair green

Sticking with the green theme, why not dye your hair green for your favourite charity? You may look ridiculous for a little while but people will sponsor you for doing something daring and different. Set up a fundraising page, decide on a goal amount, and share the craziness with your social networks while asking for donations!

Dressing up as a leprechaun for a race

If you scour the streets of Dublin, London or even New York on St Patrick’s Day you will see many people dressed up as leprechauns or wearing tall ‘Guinness’ hats. With dressing up in events being so popular, why not participate in an event such as a run or duathlon dressed as a leprechaun? You won’t be alone if you do!

Parade Collections

As parades are the most common events that occur on St Patrick’s Day and huge crowds flock to them, it’s a no brainer to have a street collection. The UK is ranked as the 6th most generous nation in the world and the most generous in Europe based on a study conducted in late 2015. What better way to use the generosity of the holiday and the crowds to do some good for your charity?

Pub Quizzes

They are one of the most popular and easy methods of fundraising, and on a day where a large number of people spend their time in the pub, why not host a table quiz to raise some money for a charity of your choice as well as something to raise your glass to?

Whatever you decide, remember to enjoy yourself responsibly, be safe, and think about giving back to a charity close to your heart. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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