5 things to help you get healthy not sick this winter


As the cooler weather sets in, we all have no choice but to become health-warriors, desperate to boost our minds and bodies in an effort to avoid what is usually an inevitable part of the winter season, sickness.

Here at everydayhero, we have put together some of the best advice we have found this month to help you look after yourself this winter.

1. Can you sweat it out?

When you’re sick with a winter cold, you might think the best thing to nip it in the bud is to stay in bed and avoid the gym, right? Wrong. Apparently science has proved that a little gym session or light jog could actually HELP your recovery and get you back to your healthy self a lot faster. So if you’re feeling a cold coming on, or just want to stay healthy so you’re stronger to fight off those snuffles, why not opt for a seratonin boost and follow these tips to kick-start your winter wellness routine today.

2. 7 foods to keep colds away this winter

This winter season, we all know that taking vitamins, resting-up and staying warm is key to fighting off those pesky colds. Well, it’s time to put away the honey and ginger because we’ve brought you the 2015 version of cold-killing super foods, and they just might surprise you. Who would have thought that Kale is much more than just the latest diet fad? The truth is, it can actually regenerate the parts of our bodies that fight off illness. Why not find out how to eat yourself healthy?

3. The latest diet fads you shouldn’t try

The latest fad diets promise to make you thinner, smarter, healthier and everything in between, but how do we know this ‘miracle diet regime’ is more than just a shiny marketing gimmick? We are consistently bombarded with messages to stay away from carbs if you want to be healthy. But at what price? Leading dieticians say it could lead to a greater risk of colorectal cancers. So before you commit to any diet, make sure to avoid those doing you more harm than good.

4. Why you need an ‘accountabilibuddy’

If you’re working hard to improve yourself this winter, whether it’s fitness, weight loss, eating well or all of the above, the hardest part is keeping yourself motivated to achieve results. The new movement in fitness suggests that real change happens in dedicated communities. Having an Accountabilibuddy is the new way to reach your health and fitness goals. Here’s how to find one and keep yourself on track!

5. Are your vitamins really working?

While we all want to know the best ways to improve our health, it’s easy to be fooled by the latest range of (insert magical vitamin name) products that promise to enhance our everyday wellbeing. New research has revealed that taking supplements actually has a detrimental effect on our lifespan, despite vitamins becoming firmly entrenched in our everyday health routines. So, should we ditch these supplements for good? There’s no denying that we need vitamins to be healthy but by eating whole foods rather than spending money on these quick fixes, we can all achieve better health.

With all this talk about health and wellbeing, why not consider spending some time giving back to the causes you love? We all know giving feels good, so get involved today!

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