5 Ways To Make A Difference This New Year

So, we all start every New Year with the same resolutions. “I’m going to go to the gym more”, “I’ll eat healthier this year” and “I’m definitely doing Dry January this time round.” We aim to cut down on all of our vices and make a difference in the world, and tell ourselves that this year will be different. Because it will, right?

I’m going to be honest; this year won’t be different if you don’t change your behaviour. As Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So I put to you all – let’s make a real difference this New Year, for ourselves, for our friends and for others. Here are 5 ways that you can make 2016 one of your best years yet.

  • Run that 10k you promised yourself you would.

Okay so this may seem like one of those New Year’s resolutions that everyone has. But if you truly want to make a difference this year then you should go ahead and take one on! Not only will it introduce a healthy amount of training into your life, but you will naturally be eating healthier and drinking less because you want to be in top race condition, right?  While you are at it, you could always raise money for charity too. Your friends and family are bound to get behind you and it could spark a rewarding relationship with charity that you never thought would happen!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Richmond Running Festival

Ealing Half Marathon’s Osterley 10k

Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool

Or if you fancy a full marathon why not look towards the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon

  • Dedicate a day a week to do something you really enjoy.

This may just be an hour, an afternoon or even a whole Saturday! But by doing something you really enjoy for a small time every week you will alleviate stress, help you chill out and it will always put you in a better mood! This sounds easy, sure, but think about it – how often to you set some time aside each week for you to just enjoy yourself or properly relax?

If the answer is ‘barely ever’, then by sticking to this resolution you will almost immediately notice the difference.  You’ll feel healthier, you’ll be happier and most importantly you will be more relaxed.


  • Spend a month detoxing

Ah, that’s more like it. A proper New Year’s resolution! Well, not really; hear me out. Each month, why not cut back on things you could do without? For example, for one month only give up your morning coffee. That £2 a day you spend could add up to around £60 a month. Not only are you detoxing the caffeine from your system but you are saving money too!

And it can go further than that. A detox doesn’t just have to be for the body. Why not give your mind a clean out as well? Instead of checking Facebook and Twitter before you go to bed, why not pick up a book, read the paper or even do a crossword! In fact research shows that crosswords can improve verbal skills and help with your problem solving abilities.

  • Give your time in the New Year

Instead of dining out or hitting the town, spend some of your family or date nights giving back! Commit to serving dinner at the local homeless shelter or helping at a charity’s fundraising event instead. Many charities offer an array of options to help out. Find something that is fun for the whole family and make some happy memories together while giving back. Or take part in small acts such as giving up your seat on the train, buying the stranger behind you in the coffee shop their drink, or calling up your mum just because.

You can also track all of that volunteer work and encourage friends and family to donate to support your charity of choice on everydayhero.

Get Started

  • Choose a charity

2015 wasn’t the best for charities but it was a great one for Selfies. Which of these do you think are doing more good in the world? Exactly.

Whether its kids and education, animal welfare or community service, everyone has a charity that they can get behind and this New Year, you should too! Supporting a charity doesn’t have to be monetary, you can volunteer your time or even donate (unwanted) Christmas gifts to your local shop. You could even run that 10k from before and fundraise or even hold a bake sale at work with funds going to help out your new favourite charity!

Find a charity you love!

Studies show that giving back can make you feel a whole lot better. Be that supporting your community or donating to a charity, all acts will be greatly received and improve how you are feeling.  So, let’s get started on making this year one to remember!

If you want to make a difference for a charity today, sign up to everydayhero and start your fundraising, volunteering, or making a difference now!

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