Fundraising ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day… a day when it’s impossible to order a table for two in any restaurant, buses and trains are full with grown men looking at each other awkwardly as they make their way home from work with a dozen roses in one arm and a box of chocolates under the other and where Hallmark’s profits surge.

Traditionally it’s a day where people express love for one another by doing something together. But who’s to say that it shouldn’t provide people with an opportunity to do something for a charity or for a cause they love as well? After all, love is a broad term and appears in many different guises.

So here are some useful fundraising ideas that can be put into practice to celebrate the special day while helping some great causes:

A Valentine’s Ball

What better way to celebrate than by participating in a gala ball or dinner? It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the romantic occasion and it’s the norm that a percentage of, if not all of, the proceeds go to a charity selected by the organisers.

A Romantic Weekend Give Away

Couples often take weekend breaks away to unwind and spend time with one another. Setting up a raffle that offers a weekend away for a lucky couple is a great way to raise money for charity. People will donate to give themselves a chance to win a great break away. The charity benefits from generous donations and the venue that puts up the “Romantic weekend away” gains recognition for helping charities and boosting their reputation by showing the winning couple the splendour of their hotel/resort.

Raffle for a Gift Hamper

People like treats so offering a gift hamper full of surprises for a couple is sure to whet their generosity appetite. The same principles and benefits apply as above, whereby donors are in with a chance to win a great prize, money goes to charity and providers of the hamper are getting their products greater exposure and creating goodwill by helping charities.

Partnership with Florists

We all know that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for florists. With limited selection in choice of florists, appealing to people’s good will is a great marketing tool for any business. If a percentage of a purchase is going to go to charity, buyers will be far more likely to select this option rather than an offer that doesn’t benefit charity. It’s a win-win for the charity, the consumer and for the florist.

Partnership with Chocolatiers

Like Florists, Chocolatiers look forward to Valentine’s Day as romantics queue up to buy chocolates to accompany their dozen roses. In a world where there is little to differentiate between suppliers, if one is giving a percentage of a sale to charity this helps encourage people to buy from them. Like the partnership with florists this also is a win-win situation for all parties.

Partnership with Card Sellers

Card sellers are another commercial group for whom Valentine’s Day is a big seller so establishing a partnership with one provides a great opportunity to increase donations and the benefits are the same as above.

A Digital Kiss/Card

Encouraging people to send virtual cards or even purchase gifts is becoming an increasingly popular mechanism used by charities. So setting up a campaign whereby supporters can send digital cards or small tokens of love to friends or family, and the proceeds go to a charity, is a great way for the donor to be romantic and charitable at the same time.

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