International Day of Happiness – How to Make it Count

International Day of Happiness is almost upon us! A day designed to spread joy, a day to celebrate all the things that make you happy, and to bring out that positivity in those around you


We here at everydayhero LOVE this day, it is an excuse to do good and feel good at the same time, and to celebrate this feeling with millions of others around the world doing the exact same thing 🙂

With that in mind we have put together our top 6 things to do this International Day of Happiness to help you make it really count ~

1. Bring in some treats for your work mates. Everyone loves something a little extra special so why not create a little joy during the work day and whip up something to share. If you need any ideas just click here for some healthy treat recipes.

2. Give blood. A simple yet hugely effective way to make many many people happy. For more information on where and how you can donate visit here.

3. Make a positive difference to the cause you care about. Why not use today as the excuse you have been looking for to make that donation or set up that fundraising page, with Everyday Hero it has never been easier or simpler to do so, visit to get started.

4. Do a small random act of kindness. Doing something nice for someone else can really boost not only their day but yours also, and often it’s the smaller things that can really bring them delight. Give up your seat on the bus, tell someone a joke, go next door and have a coffee with your neighbour – whatever it is you choose to do, do it with a smile.

5. When you are buying your morning coffee, shout another for a stranger. Many cafes now often have the option to purchase a suspended coffee so that someone less fortunate can enjoy a hot drink. For more information on suspended coffee visit here. 

6. Volunteer you skills. There are hundreds if not thousands of local causes that are all looking for people just like you to help them do what they do, only better. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your local animal shelter and see if they have any kittens that need some cuddles!

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