Living with diabetes saved my life


A shocking 700 Brits develop diabetes EVERY DAY and over three and a half million of us now have type 2 diabetes. (Diabetes UK, 2014)

We need to act now to make a real impact to those living and at risk of diabetes in the UK.

Ahead of National Diabetes Week (in AUS), we spoke to James who was diagnosed with type two diabetes just four years ago. He believes his diagnosis wasn’t a life sentence and that it actually changed his life for the better.

James’ story: I thank my lucky stars for Diabetes

About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. It was an accidental discovery that no one, including my doctor, was expecting. From that day my life changed, for the better. It sounds like a cliché but I thank my lucky stars for diabetes.

Before the diagnosis, I had become inactive, enjoyed a drink (a little too much), worked long hours and paid no attention to my diet. Sound familiar? Diabetes brought caring for myself into sharp focus, but it wasn’t about caring for me for my own sake. It was about demonstrating to my family, who loved me dearly, that I cared about them, by caring for myself.

As you start to learn, diabetes is an insipid disease. You can’t ignore it or if you do, do so at your peril as it increases the risk of other diseases and if it is not managed creates a myriad of complications. Not managing it and taking it seriously wasn’t an option for me and it certainly wasn’t fair on those who loved me. So I decided to take it on.

I committed to making time for running and exercise, better eating and reducing my alcohol intake. Now, I love running, it is a 40minute escape – just me and my thoughts. Problems and stresses dissolve, issues become clearer and the troubles I used to take home are left on the pavement or washing away in a gutter.

The quiet sense of achievement you feel weekly, even daily when you make a good choice about food, exercise or a drink give you continued reinforcement. And the extra energy and clarity of mind I have now make me a far more present and hopefully enjoyable person to be around. Diabetes isn’t something I manage; it was a jolt that added so much to my life.

Unfortunately not all have had the same experience as James and the rate of diabetes is increasing at a faster rate than any other chronic disease. So now is your chance to act.

What you can do to help:

  1. Join everydayhero today and find a diabetes cause to support.
  2. With over three million Brits’s at risk it is important to know the warning signs for Type 2 Diabetes, learn more here.

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