Missed out on London? No worries, we have you covered

So, you didn’t get into the London Marathon but you still want to run that marathon you promised everyone (including yourself) you would! Well, look no further – introducing the MK Marathon.

A course that combines history, modern architecture and a stadium finish, the MK marathon is more than just your normal race. With awesome medals, a superhero race for the kids to get involved in and both half & full marathons to run – there is an event for every level of runner!

Recently we spoke to founder and race director Andy Hully about the Marathon and why you should sign up!

“We have just been awarded BARR Gold Status for the highest standards of race organisation and provision.” In simpler terms this means that the team over at MK put on a great race, runner safety is the top priority and Andy wants to make sure the runners have the most enjoyable day possible.

So, being awarded BARR Gold Status is all well and good, but if you are looking for some cool medals to start (or add to) your collection, then MK is the marathon for you.  Check these medals out:


It’s no secret that a lot of runners choose certain events just to get their hands on medals! And with these pieces of pure art up for grabs, it’s hard to see many people staying away.

Medals aside, why else should you run MK Marathon? “Well, it has to be the course!” says Andy immediately. “We have spent many months taking on board past runners’ comments and then created a course that we think is going to be great for everyone! Honestly it is simply amazing – I’ve been round it various times on my bike now and it just keeps getting better.”

So, if the awesome medals, the great Race Director and course haven’t whet your appetite yet, then perhaps the crowds of good people can. In its fifth year now, the amount of participants keep on increasing and the money the event raises for charity is becoming seriously impressive too (over £1m last 3 years). Maybe take a look at the pictures from last year; they’re bound to get you on side.

Now that you’re on board (don’t forget to sign up) let’s talk race day. So it’s your first time running MK, what should be expecting? Well according to Andy, you should “expect a picturesque run, which will make it easier, believe me.” On top of this, in case you have forgotten, the finish line is in the Stadium MK, which Andy says is ‘unbelievable and emotional’.

And if running a marathon hasn’t already reduced you to an emotional wreck, then having hundreds of people greeting you and cheering you home to the finish line certainly will.

Sound good? Right then, sign up, start making a difference for a cause you love – and for this month only you could win some great training gear!

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