They say charity begins at home, but it certainly shouldn’t end there.

As International Parent Day comes closer, here at everydayhero we want to celebrate the role parents play in shaping the next generation of givers.

We know that giving isn’t just about the money. It’s about your time, your effort, your voice… but what about your child’s voice?

From just six months old, children have already developed a capacity for compassion. Whether it’s learning to share toys with their siblings or understanding when others are upset, everything we do as parents counts, so count it!

Making giving the norm in your household will define the way your child gives for the rest of their lives.

Here’s some tips on how to make giving part of your everyday routine:

Make it fun!

Teach your kids to embrace the joy of giving. Everyone has something they care about, and children are no exception. Does your child love running? Why not do a fun run. Do your kids love animals? Encourage them to walk in support of their favourite animal charity. We all know kids love to be active and there are lots of fun activities they can do to support their cause. To search for your favourite animal charity click here.

Start small

Everything counts, start small and do it on a daily basis. Make it your child’s mission to do one small deed every day and share it over the dinner table! We know it sounds simple, but remember, motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going!

Walk the talk

Children copy what you do. Make a donation, volunteer for a charity or bring them along to that fun run on the weekend. By being actively involved yourself, your kids will mimic the passion you have for your chosen cause. They will also learn the value of doing things for people around them!

Make giving a family tradition

Find a way to use giving as an opportunity to spend quality time with your child. Dedicate some of your weekend to introduce your kids to causes that you think deserve their support. Our charity pages are great resources to get them thinking about the world around them. You can also make regular donations part of your child’s pocket money!

Track every moment

It is important to be able to show your child the impact their giving is having on their favourite cause and with everydayhero, you can! Really help give them a sense of achievement with their very own everydayhero Giving Footprint. You can log the hours they volunteer, the money they give and the effort they have put in to making a difference. Every time they give, their Giving Footprint will grow right in front of their eyes and it’s a great way to look back on their dedicated efforts in years to come.

Share it with others 

We’ve all seen cute pictures of our friend’s kids on social media. So, why not get messy with them? Bake some cupcakes as part of your fundraising then upload your pictures to your pages to show others the amazing things they are doing. Don’t forget to tag us in all your posts, we love to see them! Please visit our Facebook and Twitter.

It’s never too early to get children involved in charity. As parents, we need to make learning to give just as important as tying their shoes.

With this in mind, get involved and make it count!

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