Top ways to raise money via email

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  1. Update your email signature to include your supporter page link – ask your friends to do the same.  It is such a simple, free way to reach more people (aka potential supporters) with every email you send.
  2. Send an email out to your address book. Write your story, include your supporter link. Let everyone you know what you are doing whilst giving them the opportunity to share in your passion AND help you raise money.
  3. Thank your sponsors! Send them an email to show your appreciation, keep them in the loop, let them know how much their sponsorship will make a difference.
  4. Send more than one email. Don’t bombard your email contacts but don’t give up after 1 attempt. People often need reminding of the awesome cause you are raising money for and how you are doing it! We would recommend sending about 2 emails before your event and 1 email after.
  5. Send all of your sponsors one final email once your event has passed, let them know how it went, send a few photos and a video if you have one. Make them feel proud of supporting you, because they should be.
  6. Reach out to your charity! The majority of charity’s are now online, which means they will have an email address available for you to contact them on. Tell them what you are doing, include some pictures and your supporter page link, who wouldn’t want to hear what amazing feat you are going to so you can raise money for them.

Don’t forget to set up your everydayhero supporter page before the event to ensure your donors have a safe, simple way to donate – click here to get started!

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