[Round Up] 4 Things to Get You on Your Way to FIT


Whether you consider yourself a fitness fanatic or are just getting used to this whole physical-exercise-thing, the wealth of information about what to do, how to train and how to get results can be a little overwhelming.

As many of the everydayheroes in our community start to give their perspiration purpose by running and fundraising in major events around the country, we thought we’d share some of the best fitness and wellness info we’ve come across this month:

 1. Temptation Bundling…the new way to get motivated.

Fitness and temptation are enemies right? Wrong! One smart Professor has scientifically proven that by bundling the things you love doing with the things you don’t, you will actually stay motivated longer and find it easier to push yourself harder towards your fitness goals. It’s called Temptation Bundling and you need it in your life.

Find out the science behind it and how you can incorporate it into your routine stat!

2. Results, results, results. If you’re not tracking, how do you know?

Sure you are working hard pounding that pavement or lifting those weights a few times a week, but how do you know if you are progressing or not if you haven’t tracked any progress or monitored your workouts? If you’re working to improve yourself – whether it’s fitness levels, overall health or weight loss – the only way to keep motivated and keep improving is to track yourself.

Learn about 10 easy and proven ways to track your progress from fitness guru Sophie Guidolin.

3. Can I love myself whilst seeking change? Strong is the new skinny!

We hear a lot of talk about how we should love ourselves and feel comfortable in our own skins, but for those of us pushing ourselves physically and seeking change in our appearance or fitness levels, self-love can be tough. Personal trainer Scarlett Hurst talks candidly about how changing the way we measure and think about success can help us feel a greater satisfaction on the journey to our stronger, healthier selves.

Figure out if you need to re-adjust your focus and think differently about your fitness goals.

4. Over-exercising: Is your quest for results making you push yourself too hard?

If you have a love/hate relationship with exercise, you’re not alone! But are those feelings you are struggling with normal or are they actually a sign that you’re over-exercising? Yes that is an actual thing, and recognizing the red flags is just as important as getting out of bed for that 6am run. The reality is that if you’re forcing yourself to exercise twice a day every day on your quest for impressive results but you’re struggling physically, you’re probably over-exercising.

Find out what to look for to understand whether you’re pushing yourself too hard.


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