7 Fun Ways to Fundraise in Winter


When we think of fundraising, we often think of lemonade stands and car washes. But those activities aren’t exactly easy to do when there’s snow on the ground. Still, there are plenty of creative ways to raise money for your favorite cause even if the weather outside is on the frosty side. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Shovel snow. Whether your neighbors are unable to clear snow off of their sidewalks and driveways or simply just don’t want to, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash to put towards your fundraising efforts. Create flyers to let them know about your services and why you’re so fired up about your cause.
  2. Ski for a cause. Is there a ski hill near your house? Ski the mountain for charity! Let your friends and family know that, for every dollar raised, you’ll complete a certain number of runs at the hill. It’s a great way to stay fit in the winter—and your friends and family can cheer you on as you ski.
  3. If skiing isn’t your thing, there’s always ice skating. Instead of hitting the slopes, take your talents to your local ice rink and skate laps in exchange for donations. Make sure to check in with the rink first, though—rink schedules can fill up quickly.
  4. Reinvent the lemonade stand and set up a hot chocolate stand. Don’t forget the toppings—you can always charge a little more for marshmallows, chocolate chips, whipped cream and other extras. Keep information about your cause on the stand, too, so everyone knows where their money is going!
  5. When it’s cold outside, not every dog owner is excited about the prospect of bundling up to take their pet on a walk. Offer to take that off of their hands! Talk to friends and family about walking their dogs in exchange for a donation to your cause.
  6. Have some friends who play hockey? Get them to participate in a charity ice hockey tournament. Have each team pay an entry fee, which can go towards your selected charity. Throughout the tournament, you can also offer other ways for spectators to donate, including through T-shirt and concession sales.
  7. Give couples an alternative to chocolates this year and host a Valentine’s Day bake sale. Community centers and schools may let you set up your baked goods there, so give them a call and ask.

Photo: Sarah Gilbert

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