Beauty is pain


The global beauty industry aims to skyrocket to a $675-billion-dollar business, come 2020.

It’s a pretty impressive figure, however it’s a figure that’s connected to the torture and often the death of millions of innocent lives.

Shocked? You should be.

Animal testing isn’t a new thing. We all know it happens.

We like to believe that our purchases do not  have a negative impact on the world. But they do.

So what is animal testing? Imagine your puppy, cat or rabbit being locked up in a bleak, dark, cold laboratory for their entire lives.

Strapped down and cut open, inserted with drugs, blinded, plastered with face cream or sprayed with hairspray, all in the name of research.

Imagine your beloved pet being deprived of food and water, having its bones broken and infected with disease. Imagine the ongoing sounds of screaming, so high pitch they are deafening. This is animal testing.

No living thing, no matter how big or small should be treated this way. But they are, in fact approximately 115 million animals worldwide are used for experiments every year.

No lipstick, no matter how pretty, is worth the pain that these animals endure.

The great thing is you have the ability to make a positive change!

Be aware of what you are buying and what countries you are buying from.

Currently China still carries out pre and post market testing on any cosmetics being sold on it’s shores. Please note this does include The Body Shop products available at their international airports.

Look for third-party certification: Choose Cruelty Free, PETA and The Leaping Bunny are the top organizations within their field.

To use their logo’s on products without being certified as a cruelty free brand is illegal. So what they say goes.

Remember we as consumers hold the power, without us there would not be a billion-dollar industry.

Make an informed and conscious decision before you line up at the cash register. Research your favorite brands! We’ve helped start off your investigation; below is a list of companies we support and some popular brands that still use animal testing.

Brands we love:

Avalon Organics
Adorn Cosmetics
Earth Choice
Eco Tan
Nude Natural Skin Care

Brands tested on animals:

Bobby Brown
Cover Girl
Estee Lauder

Do you feel inspired to help stop animal testing? Why not create a fundraising page in support of the wonderful charities working every day to end it for good.

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