Build the Buzz: Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Looking to reinvigorate your marketing strategy? We have everything you need!

During July’s webinar on marketing for your peer-to-peer campaigns, we heard from Sarah Curl, Campaign Marketing Manager at everydayhero. She advised on key marketing tips and branding strategies by sharing insights and examples from her experience working in the nonprofit sector.

We wanted to share key takeaways through a Question and Answer session!


Q: What are your top pieces of advice for nonprofits branding their peer-to-peer fundraising campaign?

Sarah Curl:

First of all, stick to your mission. Ensure your mission shines throughout. You want your nonprofit’s brand, logo, and purpose to be demonstrated right from the start. When a prospective donor lands on the page – what kind of perception are they receiving about your nonprofit? Make sure that the artwork that they see, the content, and messaging all tie directly to your mission and purpose.

Second, stay consistent with your messaging throughout everything that you send out. This includes everything from the artwork on the fundraising pages to the emails that are sent out – keep messaging consistent. Again, on top of sharing your mission, make sure that you are clear about what impact the funds raised are having on your nonprofit.

Lastly, get your whole organization involved. Check that everyone is on the same page. This will be critical to the success of your campaign. If you involve all departments you will have a better chance of reaching success with your messaging.

Q: How does a nonprofit improve their brand?

Sarah Curl:

There are many ways to improve your charity’s brand. Here are 3 ways we suggest:

  1. Remember uniqueness matters – There are over 1.4 million charities in the US. It’s imperative that your charity stands out. A clear and compelling mission is essential for attracting people to your cause. Is your mission easy to understand or has it gotten lost over the years?
  2. Develop a brand personality – Each charity has its own brand and voice. Your organization’s personality is conveyed through the language, images, colors and even the media you use. Review your marketing materials with this in mind.
  3. Make the emotional impact shine through – People choose to donate to an organization because they are motivated and inspired to act. Mission-focused storytelling is essential to convey your charities message. Inspire donors and peer-to-peer fundraisers to action with the words you use.
Q: What are a few easy ways to build your nonprofit’s brand and create some buzz around your peer-to-peer campaign?

Sarah Curl:

Some of the best way to drum up buzz and get awareness and publicity for your nonprofit is to get your constituents talking about you. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Create and promote stories that your engaged donors and volunteers will want to share with their networks.
  2. Recruit a group of volunteers (or better yet – ambassadors!) for your brand who are willing to share your content. Ambassadors can help write and disseminate social media, blog posts, and organizational updates.
  3. Get your board and employees involved! Share why it’s so important for them to be an active community. When they get involved and show their passion, their contributions make a difference!


Interested in learning more? Check out the full webinar for the whole conversation, as well as more information on marketing and branding for nonprofits.



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