Email + Social Media = Match Made in Heaven

Email + Social Media = Match Made in Heaven | everydayhero US blog

Using Your Different Modes of Communication Together

We’ve talked about social media as an important channel for your nonprofit’s messaging. Social media calls to action are a way that your nonprofit can share your message and engage your supporters with meaningful and moving content.

All your channels of communication, including your email communications, must work together to create a cohesive message, tone, and voice for your organization. Your social media plan should complement the email communications that you send to your fundraisers, your donors, and your general support network.

Social media works in conjunction with your email scheduling and your overall communications strategy – and we’ve outlined a few ways to ensure your peer-to-peer fundraising email communications are effective and impactful!

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First of all, let’s look at the basics of email communications. Investing in mobile-friendly technology is a major consideration. Is it worth it? The answer is YES! Research shows that 66% of email is now read on a mobile device.

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Marketing Land via Nonprofit Tech for Good’s webinar: How to Launch a Social Media Strategy for Your NGO


Research has also shown that mobile responsive design increases conversion rates. Investing in responsive email will have huge rewards for your nonprofit in the long run. With more and more people browsing webpages and opening links while on their mobile phone, make sure that your nonprofit’s website provides ease of smartphone and tablet navigation.


Next up is a major factor in tying together your social media posts and your email communications. Consider what content you drive your reader toward, and what the most ideal course of action is for them to take.

In terms of messaging, think about the following:

-Main call to action

-Placement of call to action buttons

-Being specific and having a purpose for your constituents to read your email

-Subject lines


-Use of graphics and images

Think about your audience: are you sending an email to potential fundraisers, or a fundraiser who has already started raising funds? Personalize your emails to these two target audiences.

Potential fundraisers: Emails to potential fundraisers should contain the main call to action to sign up to become a fundraiser for your nonprofit.

Current fundraisers: If you are sending an email to current fundraisers, add in the individual’s name and the amount they have raised. Including tips and advice on fundraising are much appreciated by current fundraisers.

Make sure that the content is relevant to their fundraising endeavors, but also think about what your subject line is. Catch the attention of your audience with a relevant and meaningful subject line, and one that intrigues them.


Another type of email method that nonprofits use are e-newsletters. 41% of nonprofits send a monthly e-newsletter, while 23% email a quarterly newsletter to their supporters. These email communications can be added into your overall strategy to communicate how peer-to-peer fundraising fits into your organization’s mission.

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Timing is Everything!


To most effectively promote your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, make sure that all your messaging works in conjunction with each other. For example, don’t schedule your quarterly appeal email and a call to action email for peer-to-peer recruiting only one day apart. Allow time for each message to sink in and for your constituents to take action.

Your supporters receive many emails in their inboxes and sometimes take a few days to act. Following up with a social media post 1-2 days after a major email goes out will help remind your prospective fundraisers, current fundraisers, donors, and community members to take an action.


Successfully strategizing the messaging, mobile responsiveness, and timing of your email messages and social media posts will elevate your communication strategy for your peer-to-peer campaign. Using all your channels together will lead to stellar results and a cohesive message to share with your supporters.

Exciting results await! Good luck in your journey to escalate your communications.

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