February Fitness Round Up

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Do you feel like you’re losing your enthusiasm less than two months into your new year’s resolution? We all know it can be tough to keep track of your progress and make yourself accountable for every minute you spend working off that chocolate bar you snuck on at lunch.

As we kick off a new year of fitness goals, we thought we’d share some of the best fitness and wellness info we’ve come across this month:


With so much conflicting information out there, what really is the best way to get that six pack you’ve always wanted?

Recently, technology companies are fascinated with pushing us to be healthier and fitter, with everyone aiming to achieve maximum fitness, with minimum effort. But while personal trainers create a safe and effective workout, they can be expensive and at times, inconvenient. Fitness apps, though, can help you to manage your diet and exercise from your pocket. So which is the better choice for kicking your fitness goals?

Check out the research to set yourself up for a healthier 2016.


Are you looking for that extra little bit of motivation to lace up your sneakers and pound the pavement this year? This may be the answer you’re looking for. In day to day life, we hear a lot about how exercising regularly can have positive effects on your body, but what you may not know, is just how good it can be for your mind.

New research has found that sustained aerobic exercise such as running, actually increases the neuron reserves in the hippocampus, the area of your brain responsible for learning.

Lead researcher, Professor Heikki Kainulainen, says “aerobic exercise, such as running, has positive effects on brain structure and function” and is far better for your brain than intensity training (HIIT) or resistance training.

If there is one thing you do today, make sure it’s learning the science behind boosting your capacity to learn, it might just be what you need to get moving!


When trying to burn those few extra calories, most of us think hopping on the treadmill for hours on end will do the trick. But running for that long is a daunting thought for most people hitting the gym. What if 28 minutes is all you need?

It’s the new workout trend used by millions around the world and the mantra for fitspo stars from Kayla Itsines to Sam Wood.

Gone are the days where how many hours you put in at the gym, directly translated to your fitness outcomes and of course, a killer six pack.

Now, new research shows 28 minutes may be enough to keep you fit and healthy, proving that you just need to work smarter, not harder!

Now that you’re up to date with the latest on how to keep fit this year, why not make your perspiration count with everydayhero? Turn your fitness activity into a fundraising activity for the cause closest to your heart today! Find out how to get started here.

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