Fitness Round Up

This week on the everydayhero Fitness Round Up we ask some important questions: can running save your life? How can you feel like Wonder Woman right now? And can the “less is more” principle be applied to your workouts?

Running Behind Bars:

OSP7Any runner will share at least half a dozen ways that running has saved their life or propelled them to realize their true potential in other aspects of their lives. This week’s story comes from the Oregon State Penitentiary where running and racing have become an important part of the culture over the past 4 decades.

Running, preparing for, and participating in marathons have helped inmates find an escape from the day-to-day: “‘I don’t see the walls. There’s a tremendous amount of realization that life has to go on.” Runners World goes into the extreme illustration of the redemptive power of running. What magical super powers does running give you?

Being Wonder Woman:


“You gotta fake it till you make it!” That phrase is rarely comforting and usually is meant as a loving kick in the bum that is a sing-songy rhyme that is meant to get you moving. A lot of research has been done around how to get yourself to start faking that confidence in the first place. What’s the secret to instant courage? Power posing! There are many poses to choose from, including the Wonder Woman and the Arms-Over-Your-Head-Like-You-Just-Won-The-Olympics poses are some of the more popular. In this article Macaela Mackenzie is taking the theory to practice to see if she can conquer hitting the wall, meeting the parents, mental thunderstorm of anxious chitter chatter that can arise. You won’t believe the results she gets!

How to Do More with Less:working-out-798x594@2x

Faster! Stronger! More Reps! All of these things can be overwhelmingly exhilarating when engaging in many of the popular fitness classes that are centered around AMRAPS(stands for “as many reps as possible”, i.e. 20 minutes of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats). With adrenaline and loud bass music pumping through your veins it feels like you are getting so much done with the high kicks, reps, ups, downs, side-to-sides, upside-downs, and backwards. More and more trainers are preaching the value of “slowing down” and they don’t mean meditation. There is now research supporting the idea that doing half the reps in a slower, more controlled manner will help you target more specific muscle groups and actually be able to get better results. These are some changes you can make today:


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