Fitness Round Up

With all of the different ways of exercising available to us these days it’s hard to know which ones help your body into the future—should you be running or doing yoga? It appears as though both will set you on the right track. Check out the articles below that explore the benefits of running and yoga on the aging of the body, and find out when is the best time of the day for your workout.

“Another Reason to Stay Active While We Age.”

Active Senior Male Stretching

Researchers found that people who run as they age continue to consume energy at the same metabolic rate as younger runners. The biomechanics of the aging bodies change, but can be accounted for with a slight change in technique. Learn how here:

When Should You Be Exercising?


There are the morning joggers, the afternoon yogis, and the evening gym rats. People find time to exercise during any part of the day, but which one is better. Check out what time you should try to get your sweat on to meet your fitness goals…you might be surprised!

Incredible Yogis Age Gracefully


Tao Porchon-Lynch has been practicing yoga for 70 years and at age 97 is still flowing through physically challenging arm balances with grace and ease. Check out her story and many more of those who are “shattering the stereotype that yoga is for young adults and showing us what it really means to age gracefully.”

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