Five Ways of Getting Your Cardio In That Don’t Include Running

Ran out of new episodes of your favorite podcasts for the week, has it been raining for way too long, or do you just need a bit of a break from the familiar beat of your feet hitting the pavement? You can still get your cardio in without having to run!



A hike does more than workout your body, it also helps the brain relax and unwind after a long day at work. It is the most scenic exercise that you can do. See what trails are available near you or make a plan to drive out to a beautiful area. Digging into uneven ground to push down and propel yourself forward is a great way to get your cardio on. Opt into the hilly trails for better results.



If part of the reason why you are taking a little breather from running is that your joints are a bit achy or muscles a bit tired, then swimming is a great option. While being a great exercise for building muscle and cardio-respiratory fitness, it doesn’t but put the same strain on your joints as running does. To keep it fun vary your speeds and distances in different interval workouts.



Perhaps you’re not feeling like running because there’s a little cloud that comes home with you with a rough week at work and makes it hard to self-motivate. Instead of fighting that feeling it could be a great thing to be used as fuel and take your aggression out a kickboxing bag. By taking a class you’ll get lost in the moves that you are learning while getting a great core

workout, tone your whole body, and learn some valuable self defense moves.

Power Yoga


If your day off from running is calling for a deeper stretch while pumping up your cardio then look no further than Power Yoga. With jams filling the space as you focus on deepening your core, your flexibility, and balance you will leave feeling like you had a day at the spa (and maybe a really intense massage). While yoga can have a relaxing and calming effect on the body don’t be surprised when you’re feeling like you really have to work for it!



Whether you’re dancing like no one is watching or trying to take a class, let yourself have fun. You can either put on your favorite playlist and dance around your apartment for 45 minutes in a button down and socks ala Tom Cruise in Risky Business or take one of hundreds of dance classes that are going on around you. It could be Zumba, Salsa,Voguing (if you don’t know what this one is, search for it now), Modern Dance, or many other amazing fusion and traditionalstyles that are there. Not only does it help you get your cardio, but now you have some sweet moves to bust out at the next dance party you find yourself at.


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