Giving Your Company a Social Purpose


Every company has the capability of doing something to make the world a better place. With the advent of companies driven by social causes like TOMS, it’s easy to forget that you can do good even if it isn’t an integral part of your company’s central mission. Here are a few easy ways to get your employees involved in giving and create a better work environment in the process.

Look in the Mirror

Take a long, hard look at your company. Sometimes, companies are already doing great things and just haven’t stopped to pinpoint what it is! Perhaps you’re supporting an open API or partnering with a charity on one of your company’s major events. Giving comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes–everyone can do something to make a difference! We shared a few other, unique ways companies are already giving back in Entrepreneur recently.

Power to the People

People are one of a company’s most significant assets. Why not give all of those people the opportunity to do something great at once? Consider hosting a volunteer day at work! To get employees excited and involved have them nominate and vote for their favorite cause and make that charity the recipient of your volunteer hours. Once you’ve selected a cause, reach out and see what you can do for them. Depending on the charity, the activities could range from weeding gardens to sorting canned goods or reading to children. On top of the charitable aspects of events like this, it is a great way to team build and network. Several of our everydayhero employees just participated in a company volunteer day recently—check out their experience.

Employee Education

With so many causes out there, it’s sometimes overwhelming to try to pick just one. To help your employees learn more about the different causes in your area, invite representatives from local charities to your office for a charity fair. CharityNavigator is one website that can help you evaluate a charity before inviting them to your event. can also help your employees find organizations that may be of interest to them. If your company is on the smaller side, consider pairing up with some other nearby businesses to create a larger event. Offer food and drinks as an incentive for employees to attend!

Benefits Go Both Ways

Lots of companies offer paid time off for volunteering or will match employees’ charitable donations. If your company doesn’t offer either of these options, think about adding one or both to your benefits package. It’s an easy way to get your employees involved in charitable giving while also making your company more appealing to prospective employees!

There are tons of ways your company can find its social purpose. No matter what way you decide to give back as a company, everydayhero can track everything you’re doing along the way. What are you waiting for? Sign up today to get started.

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