Go #theextramile this Thanksgiving: Workout and Fundraise for Charity


When Thanksgiving comes around, we all know it’s time for two things—giving thanks for all that we have, and eating delicious Thanksgiving food!

everydayhero has brought these two ideas together in the Extra Mile Thanksgiving Charity Challenge. Get in extra good shape leading up to the holiday season and support your very favorite cause by signing up today. When you raise $500 or more, you go in the drawing to win some GREAT prizes, including a $1000 Under Armour Gift Certificate and $1000 for your chosen charity!

Interested? Helping others and getting in shape—of course you are! Sign up here.


So, you’ve signed up for the Extra Mile Thanksgiving Charity Challenge, synced everything up with your Map My Fitness account—now what? Fundraising is about more than just the dollar amount at the end of the day, it’s the effort you put in for the next four weeks that really makes a difference!

When you’re working for a fitness goal—whether it be touching your toes or running a marathon—the key is taking it inch by inch. The same goes for fundraising! Every bit makes a difference, so don’t be discouraged if your progress is at first incremental.  Every journey starts with a single step, and every fundraising effort starts with a single penny.


These days, people are constantly looking at their computers, phones, and iPads, so why not use that to your advantage? There’s so many ways to share your fundraising efforts using technology!

Social media is one of the best ways to get your cause out there. Imagine how much you’d raise if you asked every single one of your Facebook friends to donate a dollar or two! Getting to your goal is easy when you make the most of all your networks. Sharing via social media and email is an awesome way to tell people about your fitness and fundraising journey! We have some great tips on how to make the most out of social so check them out.


Sharing your page once is easy—make sure you use Map My Fitness and everydayhero to keep followers updated on all the progress you make. As you update followers on your workouts and talk about how motivated you are by the fundraising you’re doing, people are sure to take that to heart and donate! It’s important to reach out and follow up as you embark on The Extra Mile Thanksgiving Charity Challenge. Fundraising isn’t just about the money you raise, but all the amazing work you do to get it raised, you wonderful person!


How to Play: Extra Mile Thanksgiving Charity Challenge

Taking part in everydayhero’s Extra Mile Thanksgiving Charity Challenge is easy! Simply follow these steps and you could WIN:

  • Join the Challenge, and begin by creating your own personalized everydayhero fundraising page in support of a charity you love.
  • Share your fundraising page with others and start logging your workouts. All activity types are eligible, so walk, run, swim, ride or dance your way to victory.
  • Raise over $500 and record at least 16 workouts (minimum 30 minutes duration each) for your chance to WIN the major prize of a $1,000 donation to your chosen charity and $1,000 Under Armour gift card for yourself. There are also weekly random prize draws of $125 Under Armour gift cards.

Pick your charity of choice, workout to stay fit and healthy, and change the world! Now that’s what we call a worthwhile challenge. Enter here!

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