How can your supporters raise 46% more?

Can your supporters raise

Sometimes when your supporters are fundraising it’s hard for them to know just what to put on their page. After all, what do their potential donors really want to see? And will what’s on their page actually affect how much their donors give?

In a recent everydayhero study of more than 1,000 fundraisers in the world’s largest timed run, we found that fundraisers who connected their MapMyFitness account to their everydayhero account raise more.

And it’s not just a little bit more…


The fundraisers who are the most successful (especially in fitness related events) are the ones that SHOW the effort they are putting in to their activity and take their family and friends along on their journey.

Using MapMyFitness to give your perspiration purpose

If your fundraisers are sweating it out running, walking or riding for the cause close to your heart, then it’s so important that they connect their MapMyFitness to their everydayhero accounts.

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Once connected, all their public MapMyFitness workouts will be posted automatically to their fundraising page as they log them.

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The next step for your fundraisers is to then regularly show all of their efforts by sharing the link to their page on Facebook and encouraging their friends to check back and see all their hard work!

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The struggle is part of the story

With fundraising – as with life – the struggle is part of the story. Your fundraisers’ struggle is what motivates their donors to give to their page… so your fundraisers should take care to not miss the opportunity to share it with them.

Potential donors want to see dedication to fundraising and the cause they love.

They want to know that your fundraisers really care about what your nonprofit is doing.

They want to see all those miles covered, time spent training and calories burnt.

Because for them, seeing the effort your fundraisers are putting in lets them know that you are serious about making a difference and your supporters are willing to give what it takes.

And that makes them willing too.

Do your supporters want to start sweating it out for their favorite cause? Check out the different ways they can give to your nonprofit using everydayhero.

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