How everydayhero Celebrates the Holidays

Every family has their own unique set of holiday traditions. This year, we decided to share some everydayhero employees’ favorite holiday activities. From running races to road trips and eating lots of good food, everyone has something fun and different!
Karlie Drutz, Charity Community Manager
We don’t have a ton of really specific traditions in my family but we definitely have themes we find important during the holidays – food, running and hanging out with family. My mom and I enjoy running as a hobby, and this year, we were able to run the Santa Monica/Venice Christmas Run together. Otherwise, my mom, dad and sister use the holidays to spend time with family and cook a lot of good food! I like to try out different dishes, but we all have our signature items — mine is bread pudding. My favorite thing about the season is that people are in good spirits and wish each other well often. I like the people wishing others “Happy Holidays!”
Marssie Versola, Event Partnership Manager
During the holidays, we love heading into San Francisco to enjoy the Christmas lights and ice cream sundaes at Ghirardelli Square. There’s nothing quite like Christmas in San Francisco!
Sarah Curl, Community Manager
My family is based in LA, so I travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles over the holidays. For Christmas Eve, we cook a meal together at my parents house. Each family member takes a dish, and we prepare it together. For Christmas Day, we wake up early to open presents, make breakfast together and then host a large dinner with my dad’s side. There is a lot of food, wine and family time.
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Debbi Stanley, Senior Manager, Customer Success
My mother’s birthday is on Christmas Day, so we always do her birthday on Christmas Eve after church. Then, the full family dinner and gift opening is on Christmas Day. The children hand out the gifts. We also do a card contest, and the best card (voted on by the whole family) gets the trophy to keep the for year. I think I’ve got it wrapped up this year! It is quite the heated competition.
Fredy Marrero, Office/Project Manager
A holiday tradition in my family is cooking a whole pig and inviting extended family over to celebrate. It ends up being about 40+ family and friends laughing, drinking and salsa dancing until the sun comes up. A real Cuban Christmas!
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Lee Ray Johnson, Event Success Manager
Like most, the holidays for me and my family revolve around food. Some years, we do the usual turkey or ham, but the charm of the holidays comes with the homemade things—gnocchi, ravioli, bread from a recipe that has been handed down for five generations, platters of some of the best charcuterie we could get our hands on, pies made from all the things we grow on the family farm… Christmas Eve was an amazing meal with family and some gifts. Then, on Christmas Day, I had the luxury of waking up to a house full of people, most of whom had stayed over the night before. We open gifts and have a delicious breakfast!

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