How to be LESS awkward and SUPER successful at asking for donations

It's all in the way you ASK!

Let’s face it, often the hardest part about raising money for your favorite cause is the most important part – asking people for donations. 

Sure you know WHAT to ask for (money), but knowing HOW to ask in a way that will get you the support you need, is a whole different story.

Research conducted by everydayhero has found that the WAY you ask is actually directly linked to how much you raise.

To help you, we thought we’d share with you the three main things our most successful fundraisers include when they ask people for donations and the impact of each of these:

What?WHAT: Ask for a specific donation amount (ie $20) – often your friends and family just don’t know how much to give and sometimes this uncertainty can actually stop them from donating. Those who ask for a specific donation amount raise on average 184% more than those who just ask generally.

Why-iconWHY: Tell people why you personally care about your cause – love begets love so share your passion for the nonprofit you’re supporting and explain why you chose them. People are far more likely to donate to your cause if they understand why it’s close to your heart – in fact those that tell friends and family why they are fundraising their charity receive up to 121% more donations.

How-iconHOW: Explain how the amount your are hoping to raise will help your charity – though you may not know exactly what the funds you raise will be used for, make sure you share their mission or purpose with potential donors so the know how their support will help your charity continue to do good. Fundraisers who tell potential donors what their target will achieve for their chosen cause raise 74% more than those who don’t.

So what are you waiting for?

Whether you are sharing your page’s link on Facebook, via email or though text messages to family and friends, use this approach and you’ll start seeing even more donations rolling in.

Not currently fundraising but want to? Create a fundraising page for the charity you love using everydayhero and start collecting donations right away!

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