How to have a more sustainable Christmas


If there is a time of year that could be labeled as ‘decadent’ then it would be December. Christmas in particular is a holiday event where everyone can admit to being slightly guilty of overdoing it in most aspects of living.

The good news is that you could be counterbalancing all the decadence with some simple ways to make Christmas 2015 your most sustainable one ever.

We here at everydayhero have put together a few super easy ways to kick things off and help give mother earth the best Christmas present ever!

  1. Buy ‘green’ gifts. Not all presents are made equal, when purchasing this Christmas try to buy locally, or even gifts made from recycled sources. Getting a toy for a child that is battery free is also a super simple way of being kinder to the environment given the hazard discarded batteries pose.
  2. Grow your own food for your Christmas meal! No one is suggesting you need to grow your entire plate of goodies but even just having some home grown herbs can make a positive impact.
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  3. Do a family secret santa – while presents are lovely to receive, less can be more when it comes to giving this holiday season. Also by having just one family member buy for you can really make it a special one.
  4. If giving less this Christmas doesn’t tickle your fancy you can get really crafty this season by giving hand-made items such as baked treats or even beauty products! Check out these ideas if you need some inspiration.
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  5. Give a virtual gift! Not everything needs to be wrapped and a virtual gift is a great way to avoid this
  6. Make a donation on behalf of your gift recipient. For the person that has everything. Making a donation to a charity you know they support is a kind gesture that demonstrates that not only do you care about them but also the cause they have chosen to support.
  7. Show your skills! Make everything from your Christmas decorations to your Christmas cards. Get the kids involved and let them have fun creating the perfect centerpiece for your festive dinner. Take a look at these ideas to help you along.
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  8. Buy local. We can often get caught up in the hype of buying everything on offer in superstores but make sure you support local and that your food hasn’t travelled further than you have this festive season!
  9. Ask your friends and family to donate to your charity instead of buying you a present this year. Create a Christmas fundraising page on everydayhero and make a difference for the cause you care about this holiday season and feel great about it!

Making a difference this Christmas has never been easier with everydayhero. Simply donate to your favorite charity or create a fundraising page for them here.

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