It’s Not Over Til It’s Over: Post–Event Communications that Count

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You have worked hard to motivate your supporters and guide them through the event with an effective communication schedule. Once the event is over, now what happens? Great question!

Send an EMAIL!

Here we have a sample thank-you email template that is found on everydayhero.

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Every good wrap-up email has three components. The email contains a genuine thank you, information about what kind of impact the funds raised had on your organization, and is personalized for the fundraiser.

Remember to include the following in your wrap up:

-Number of fundraisers

-Amount raised

-What those funds did for your organization

-Who were the team captains who led the cause

-What kind of incentives were given out

-What kind of kickoff events did you organize

Make It Personal

Clearly emphasize the specific ways that the funds raised will positively impact your organization. In human terms (e.g. number of people fed, houses built, etc.), outline how exactly the funds benefited your organization and the community you serve.

Make the Communications Easily Digestible

Make the wrap up communications visually appealing and as full of statistics and facts as you can while still making it easy to digest. Send a clear message. What do you want your supporters to take from this wrap up communications? Make them feel like they were part of a larger impact. They made a difference on a team. They made a difference as part of this group effort.

Post on Your Social Channels

The next step is to create posts for social media, and copy for any e-newsletters or print communications you are sending out 1-2 months after your event on everydayhero.

Make sure to include your wrap up communications in the following channels:

-Your email newsletter

-A dedicated email

-Social media (Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and make sure to tailor the message and the graphic to each channel

-A pamphlet or a print flyer at your organization

-A poster of some sort for your offices

Send your event summary and impact statements to your supporters, and encourage them to share it with their family and friends and donors.

Spread the Love

If possible, use this event as a case study that your organization can give as an example to your board and your supporters. How did peer-to-peer fundraising make a difference to your organization through this event? How did the funds raised or the awareness gained impact your organization in a positive way?

Communications like this help encourage fundraisers to participate again because they feel appreciated and see the impact of their efforts, leading to more repeat participants.

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