Love at First Site: Introducing New Landing Page Templates

According to the Huffington Post, “If you’re looking for love online, a great profile is key.” The same goes for your peer-to-peer or crowdfunding campaign. Your campaign landing page is key if you’re looking to create meaningful relationships with supporters.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Your landing page is that chance. Often times, it is the first time a supporter or potential supporter has heard of your cause. And in just a few seconds, they’ll make all kinds of opinions and decisions – how they feel, whether they’re inspired to get involved, to learn more, to give. At everydayhero, we want to want to give you every opportunity to help make sure it’s love at first site (see what we did there?) so that you get as many potential connections as possible.

This week, we caught up with Daniel Friedlander to have him share a little bit about how the new everydayhero Pro landing page template is going to knock your socks off. Daniel is one of our talented everydayhero product managers, whose sole purpose in life over the past few months has been to improve the landing page template in available in your everydayhero Pro tool. You can think of him as your professional match maker, who’s been working behind the scenes to make sure your online dating profile campaign landing page has all of the bells and whistles you need to make a truly memorable first impression, and second, and third, and fourth…

This is Daniel. Don’t you just want to hug him!?

Have you ever tried online dating?

No, I haven’t! Being a true Aussie through and through, I met my fiancé in the traditional Australian way… at the pub.

How is online dating similar to peer to peer fundraising?

It’s all now done on a smartphone! It’s really important that your first impression is strong and makes you look phenomenal, even on a small screen. You’ve also got to say the right things to keep your audience interested – they want to know just enough about you to make a decision, but not too much that you scare them off! Avoid over-sharing at your first interaction.

How can I get potential supporters to “swipe right”?

Social proof is important. If you can show your potential supports that there’s a real buzz and sense of community around your event, they’ll want to be a part of it.

It also helps to be human. Using relatable images and words to describe your campaign goes a long way.  So does showing them how their effort, energy and voice will make an impact towards your cause.

In the end, it’s about making your supporters feel as though they want to be a part of your cause and your story.

So what’s the big deal with the new landing page?

New Campaign Landing Page Template - Mobile ViewFor starters, it looks amazing on mobile. Your potential fundraisers want to see your campaigns anytime, anywhere – and with the new landing pages you’ll know they’ll be beautifully presented, every time.

It’s also easier to choose images for your landing page which really pop and gain the attention they deserve.

Finally, we’ve added new widgets to showcase your community of fundraisers who’ve also signed up for your campaign.

All that sounds great – what does this really mean to my campaign?

The job of the landing page is to help you acquire as many new fundraisers and donors as possible. The new landing page has been tested with real potential fundraisers and donors to ensure that our improvements are swinging the needle in the right direction.

By improving the ‘art’ of your landing page, we also improve the ‘science’.

Our A/B split test shows that our new landing page makes a significant improvement to the conversion rates of the page – that is to say more visitors to your page take a valuable action such as click the ‘Start Fundraising’ button or search for a fundraiser to donate to.

In other words, visitors engage more with the page, and therefore, your campaign will likely raise more.

Why are leaderboards important?

Leaderboards are a type of “social proof” that I talked about earlier. By showcasing leaderboards, potential fundraisers and donors feel inspired to join all of the other wonderful people who are already participating in your campaign.

Also, healthy competition is a good thing! Competition breeds excellence and cultivates cooperation, while encouraging engagement and a fostering a desire for fundraisers to be their best.

Our leaderboards help to create this sense of competition and help drive donors to give more to help their friends reach the top spot.

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Same as every year – a takeaway pizza and a bottle of wine, enjoyed with my partner at the beautiful Kangaroo Point cliffs in my hometown of Brisbane, Australia (and also where everydayhero’s product and engineering teams are based).

Now stop day dreaming about the (FILL IN THE BLANK: flower delivery, chocolates, date night, late night), that you’re hoping for on Valentines Day, and log in to your everydayhero Pro tool to create a new campaign and be delighted with the new landing page template.  We hope it’s love at first site!

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