Microsites get a new look on everydayhero!

We have some exciting news for you and your organization!

everydayhero is rolling out improvements to microsites, which are a valuable component of the everydayhero Pro subscription. These microsites are optional landing pages used as part of branded peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns on everydayhero.

We have spoken with nonprofits like yours in order to receive feedback for improvements and upgrades that would make campaign and microsite creation easier, more effective, and improve the design of the microsites.

Microsite updates include:

  • Re-designed and improved template for viewing on smartphones
  • New social sharing and liking tools
  • More visible social proof with an updated goal progress bar
  • Easier process to upload and crop images
  • Deeper banner for improved look and feel


These updates will spark a feeling of community within your supporters and motivate more giving. Following these upgrades, there will be other incremental improvements to the microsite and campaign creation process.

The end goal of these improvements is to convert as many visitors as possible into new fundraisers and peer-to-peer donors, so your nonprofit can raise more!

Don’t have the everydayhero Pro subscription but interested in learning about this powerful tool? everydayhero’s Pro subscribers can publish their own campaigns and create beautiful fundraising websites, along with all the benefits of the Starter subscription. Our wizard style editor lets you publish unlimited campaigns with no coding, allowing you to run your own challenge events, walk-a-thons or community campaigns. Contact us to get started or to chat more about how this can benefit your nonprofit.

We are excited to see what your nonprofit will do with these new microsite features! If you have any questions, we’re available at (213) 293-1133 or by emailing nonprofits@everydayhero.com

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