Fitness Round Up: The Olympic Edition

Rio 2016

These Olympics have been truly amazing for seeing impressive feats of accomplishment in sports, sports drama, and drama drama. It would be impossible to capture everything or even the majority of what has happened at the Rio Olympics, but here are just a few highlights for those who have been too busy to remember that they’re even going on.

And You Thought That Belly Flops Were Just for The Divers…


Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas dove across the finish line—allegedly– unintentionally. The accidental move put her ahead of Allyson Felix and won Miller the gold medal. The Twitter debate began with the polarized sides praising and condemning Miller, in turn, for having taken a dive across the line. While this shocked many around the globe, turns out it’s not an uncommon practice and is most commonly seen from the US team. Felix’s teammate, Natasha Hastings, made this year’s team by pulling off that same move.

What are your thoughts: is this a way to truly give it all you got or should diving be reserved strictly for the pools?

Biles v. Biles


Seems like the biggest breakout star of the Rio Olympics is Simone Biles. She has added 4 Gold and 1 Bronze medals to her collection which means she has won more world medals than any other US gymnast since 1974. This year’s competition in gymnastics was Biles competing against herself because, really, there is no challenger right now.

Here’s a great breakdown of what makes her so awesome:

Also, here’s another video that shows how far gymnastics has come from the 1950s Olympics until the Biles Olympics… I mean the 2016 Olympics:

Philanthropic Phelps Exiting Stage Right


Phelps has swam his last Olympic race…and this time he means it! Making an impressive comeback to compete in Rio, Phelps has decided that he is ready to wrap up his career this swimmer and focus on the next chapter of his life—becoming a husband, being a dad, and helping bring down the number of people who drown each year around the world.

More Sports, Less Nonsense!


While this year has not been the first time that sexism has shown up in the coverage of women’s sports, it is one of the first times that so much traction has been gained and the conversation seems to be everywhere. Commentators are being called out when they focus on gymnasts’ hair styles, marital status, or attribute the female athletes’ successes to their husbands. Well, I guess first step in dealing with the problem is to admit that one exists, right?

Runners Abbey D’Agostino, Nikki Hamblin are the real winners in Rio


Even though they did not earn a spot on the podium in the 5000-meter event, Abby D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin both came out on top. After taking a tumble down the track together, D’Agostino helped out Hamblin before D’Agostino’s knee buckled under the weight and had the favor quickly returned. The two worked together to finish the race. While the Olympics are typically about showcasing the worlds strongest or fastest, these women are world champions in true sportsmanship!

Do Over!


As the gusty winds blew the divers off their 3 meter board into belly flops, early starts, and less-than graceful flights – many cried fowl. The precision of the teams that usually trained indoors was compromised, but the unexpected conditions allowed for the US team to shine. They reported to have had majority of their training at a Stanford outdoor pool, which has some choppy wind conditions. Who would have thought that a lack of luxury could actually give a team an edge?

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