Recruiting with Social Media


Does your nonprofit use Facebook or Twitter to share your message and engage your supporters? Well, boost your fundraiser numbers by employing social media recruiting strategies as well!


In terms of social media, tailoring your message and means of communication on each platform will really make a difference.

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Facebook is a good way to catch people’s attention with photos and a strong message that engages people to start a conversation. Think of all the supporters who follow your Facebook page; if they’ve liked your page it means that they want to see updates from your nonprofit coming through their news feed. They want to see compelling stories of how your nonprofit has changed people’s lives.

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Twitter is a bit different – post more frequently on Twitter than on Facebook. Twitter feeds become crowded, so don’t be shy! Make sure to post often because it is harder for people to catch your posts on that platform. Use hashtags that are relevant to your cause and community, as that is a powerful way to grow your network and reach.

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Instagram is perfect for strong photos and images. Tell a story with images and one that is visually powerful. Use graphics that grab the attention of someone scrolling through their Instagram feed.


Using each social platform in conjunction with the other ones is most compelling. Encourage people to share photos that then you could post out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to tell a dynamic story across all three platforms.

Do you have a specific call to action? Be concise with your message and do not waste any words. You must catch the attention of your supporters in as little time as possible!

So what are you waiting for? Start thinking about what message you can send in 140 characters or less…


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