[Round up] 3 ways running could be doing you damage.

running-image-2-compressorIn your ideal world, every step would be pain-free and every mile would be a new PR. But the reality is running can sometimes do you damage.

Here at everydayhero, your success is our success. So we’ve done the research and found solutions for 3 common issues you may experience during your running routine.

1. Is your workout causing you more grief than glory?

You’ve decided to push yourself and run that extra mile, and then it happens… There’s pain you haven’t felt for months and that great idea turns into a nightmare. The bad news? No pain, no gain! But with a little bit of love and some new techniques, it’s totally treatable!

Find out the most effective ways to treat your common running aliments.

2. Is your post-workout routine letting you down?

The morning after a workout can sometimes be rough; your muscles are so tense that getting out of bed becomes a major struggle. One of the ways to reduce muscle tension and pain is to add a Foam Roller to your post-workout routine. Whether it’s your legs, arms or abdomen, Foam Rollers offer your body a number of amazing benefits effecting your workout recovery and performance.

Read more about the new fitness trend used by international fitness guru’s and how it can help you.

3. Are you sacrificing too much for your workout?

It may come as a shock to some of us caffeine addicts out there, but that liquid gold can’t cure everything. Sleep is one of the first things we give up to fit in our regular workouts. But when it comes to exercise, there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to keep your running routine on track. It’s all because of this little thing known as ‘the training effect’ and your bodies need for recovery.

Learn about ‘the training effect’ and the NEW workout methods you can use to minimise its impact straight from running coach Gary Reynolds.

So now you’re running at peak performance, why not give your perspiration purpose and and give back to your cause today- there’s hundreds to choose from! Get involved today and feel good on the inside too!

Photo Credit: Phil Roeder

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