Social Networking for Good


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised over $90 million, has shown us just how powerful a tool social media can be when it comes to fundraising. Social networks have made us more connected to the world around us, and now it’s time to use them for good! Whether you’re making funny videos, gathering like-minded individuals together for a day of volunteer work or using a hashtag for awareness, social media is a valuable tool for any cause.

Let’s Get Together

To get your local community organized for a day of service, create an event invitation online and encourage them to share it on social media! Websites like Punchbowl and evite make sharing the details as simple as hitting a single button. These sites also give you one centralized location to keep track of RSVPs, frequently asked questions, transportation information and more. Planning on providing food or other items to attendees? One trip to the event page will help you determine how much you need to provide.

It’s All About Connections

Social media makes it easier than ever to spread a message to people all over the world. Encouraging your friends to share on their social media pages opens the cause up to entirely new networks that can spread the good you’re doing even further. Whether you’re running a Rock ‘N Roll Marathon for charity or hosting a bake sale, sharing your everydayhero page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms can help spread awareness for your cause and raise funds quickly!

You’re the Inspiration

Did someone else motivate you to start doing something for charity? Perhaps there was a particularly moving story that you came across. That’s what got Randy McNeely to start fundraising for duchenne muscular dystrophy! No matter what your story may be, it could be the spark that motivates others to start doing something great. By sharing your story on social media, you could be helping others start their own giving journey!

Improve Yourself

Studies have shown that social support is a big part of making major life changes stick. When you commit to running a race for charity, apps like MapMyFitness sync up with your social networks to not only help you track your progress, but also keep you accountable by connecting you with your friends. You can even link your MapMyFitness account to your everydayhero page. That way, all of those people supporting you can see each and every mile you’re putting in while working towards your fundraising goal.

No matter what networks you’re on, social media is a great way to expand your audience and grow your fundraising base. Ready to start doing some good for a cause? Sign up for an everydayhero page and begin fundraising today.

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