Strategies that Work: Fundraiser Recruitment Tips from a Nonprofit

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Fundraiser recruitment is the vital first phase in any peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. But let’s be honest – it’s a challenge! To tackle the topic, we sought out a nonprofit we admire for their success with peer-to-peer fundraising: P.S. ARTS.

During their first year of peer-to-peer fundraising in 2015, they tripled their fundraising goal to bring in $60,000 and gain hundreds of new donors into their database. How did they do it – you ask?

We decided to sit down with the innovative nonprofit and see what we could learn from them. Here’s what we took away:

  1. Tap into the resources you have. Ask anyone and everyone, friends, friends of friends, co-workers, friends of coworkers, etc. With new fundraisers and supporters, this is an opportunity to get new supporters to be involved in your organization.
  2. Follow-up with everyone you have asked or people who have expressed interest in participating in your fundraiser. People are often just busy and need reminding to get the information they need to take the right steps.
  3. Connect your mission and vision to your runners. People like stories, the more stories you can include that you connect between the race and your mission, the more people will be inspired to join you! For example, not only did our staff run the race, but also our Teaching Artists joined in running the race as well. It was inspiring to see people from the inside believe in our organization.

Other Ways to Boost Recruitment

The staff at P.S. ARTS also added incentives to help recruit participants. They had runner swag bags, t-shirts, and offered to pay each runner’s registration fee if they completed a specific goal.

P.S. ARTS also did a great job of harnessing their social media channels to recruit key participants. They spread the word in all the channels available. In addition, they featured their supporters on Facebook and Twitter each week to highlight the great fundraising that was being done, and reach new networks through their supporters.

P.S. ARTS and their staff also collaborated with previous participants to help with recruiting. They tabled at some of their other events to outreach to their extended network about the opportunity to support P.S. ARTS in an impactful way.

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We hope you have enjoyed these top tips from P.S. ARTS about recruitment: the first phase, and vital foundation, to a successful peer-to-peer fundraising effort. Check out our blog post about the basics of recruiting fundraisers if you are looking for more tips about acquiring peer-to-peer participants!

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