Team Captains as Motivators and Advocates


If you already use teams as a strategy in your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, then why not take that idea to the next level? In this post, we will explore how you activate your team captains and how you help them maximize their potential and help their teams flourish.


Research by Blackbaud shows that the average dollar amount raised by team members and team captains is far above that of an individual NOT on a team. Team captains lead the charge on amount raised – and serve as positive role models to their team members.

Team Captains chart

That same 2013 Peer-to-Peer Report by Blackbaud provides research showing team captains themselves send more fundraising emails, and collect more donations – AND larger donations than the average team member.

Your team captains are doing double duty – motivating their teams and fundraising themselves. Your peer-to-peer fundraising champions are important, so where do you look? Do you have very involved or enthusiastic returning fundraisers? In your board chair the head of a team? Reach out to these core supporters with a personal ask to invite them to be involved as a team captain.

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One nonprofit on everydayhero, the Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League (ABGSL), used teams in a powerful way. This was the first year that ABGSL focused on fundraising based on the teams rather than individuals.

For their peer-to-peer fundraising, ABGSL used a distributed model – three leaders, which included 2 board members, were in charge of working directly with the 25 team managers who were all responsible for their individual team members’ fundraising. The leaders worked very hard at motivating the team managers, and in turn, the team managers motivated over 275 total fundraisers. Their focus on teams created friendly competition and reinforced their philosophy on peer-to-peer interaction.

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Ask your team captains to lead fun runs. Provide them with donated water and snacks for these fun runs and have them choose a meeting spot.

Fun runs and team events may create friendly competition among fundraisers. In some of our events, we see fundraisers compete with each other to raise more funds – team pages on everydayhero rank fundraisers by how much they have raised, and we have seen team members work hard to stay in the Number 1 spot!

Above all, make sure to thank and appreciate your team captains, and cultivate them for your future years of peer-to-peer fundraising!


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