The dark shadows following the fashion industry


You can’t walk down the street in any major downtown area in the US without coming across top international fashion retailers. Zara, H&M, Topshop and Japan’s Uniqlo have opened stores across our capital cities over the years. This has created a fashion frenzy and consumers can’t seem to get enough! But do we really know what we are buying into?

The fashion industry is known for not always having the best intentions. From treating its workers like slaves, to the unethical production of animal wools and leathers and of course the mistreatment of the environment. These are all areas where the fashion industry falls short. Second to oil, the textile industry it is the largest polluter in the world. It’s clear that the business needs to clean up its act.

Sustainability in the fashion industry is a hot topic and rightly so. World leaders are coming together to discuss fashion’s future. Copenhagen is leading the way with its non for profit event titled ‘Copenhagen fashion Summit’ designed to educate, communicate and provoke change. The goal is to create new business models that push the fashion industry in the right direction.

Social media and the technology industry are also paving the way for change.

Fashion Revolution have created a hashtag campaign to spark conversation regarding who is manufacturing our clothes. The simple #whomademyclothes hashtag was adopted by tens of thousands of people last year and Fashion Revolution aim to smash that record in 2016. The campaign came after the devastating collapse of the Rana Plaza Complex in India killing 1,134 factory workers in 2013.

Change is coming! We are seeing more fashion companies that support sustainability and actively push to create ethical collections. So before you swipe your card at the cash register make sure you supporting a company that supports the future of our world.

If you’d like to help to support charities fighting for social and environmental change fundraise or donate on everydayhero!

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