The worst gift you can give this holiday season


It’s safe to say we can all get swept up in a frenzy of what would make the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones.

Buying a pet as for someone you care about is a wonderful idea over the holidays. It gives them a lifetime of companionship, and it gives a pet the chance to go to a loving home.

Unfortunately, the choice to give an animal as a surprise present during the silly season can sometimes be a shotgun decision…and the gift isn’t always so well received.

Some people simply do not have the means to keep a pet, the time to train them…or unfortunately they genuinely don’t want them.

As a result, many people will take their pet to a local animal shelter to surrender it.

These shelters are annually inundated with unwanted gifted pets from Boxing Day onwards. Numbers at shelters also swell with older animals being dumped as owners are unable to find alternate homes or kennels over the holidays.

In recent years, the statistics stand at three pets being abandoned every hour over the festive period.

The statistics are tragic as often the animals will have to be put down.

Bringing a new life into someone else’s is a huge commitment, and it needs to be a decision that is made by all people involved.

If you want to buy someone a pet this holiday season (fluffy, feathered or in between) make sure you have a conversation with your loved one first. This ensures that you have all the facts beforehand, and you can take the journey together from the very first step.

If this article has inspired you to make a difference, there’s a number of things you can do to help out!

Take Action:

Why not consider adopting a pet from your local animal shelter? These animals are so eager to love and you can feel great knowing you have saved them from an uncertain future.  

If adopting isn’t ideal for you, fostering is also a great way to make a difference by providing a homeless pet with a loving environment until they are able to be adopted out.

Make a Contribution:

Spread some Christmas cheer around. You can get started by creating a fundraising page or donating to your local RSPCA or shelter this holiday break.

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