Turning Your Active Supporters Into Passionate Fundraisers


You have supporters who are passionate about your cause, so why not encourage them to fundraise for you? If you are wondering what the next step to take is, we have the resources and guidance to turn your supporters into fundraisers!

We’re here to help you get the most out of your everydayhero fundraising campaign and ensure you and your soon to be fundraisers have an awesome time!

So here’s a little bit about us:

everydayhero is a crowdfunding platform where fundraisers can track all the ways they can make a difference with their energy, effort, and voice. We provide coaching and resources to help both fundraisers and charities raise the most for the causes that matter to them.

Let’s get started!

To begin, reaching out to your fundraisers and providing them with some basic tips is invaluable. Fundraisers love coaching so why not help them along their giving journey.

Next, what about providing examples of what impact each donation amount would have on your organization, such as

  • $100 will provide enough meals for one person for a week at your homeless shelter
  • $50 provides school supplies for two children
  • $25 gives a rural community access to clean water for three days

Sending your fundraisers your mission statement, logo, and succinct verbiage about your organization could also be beneficial for the fundraiser to use to best reflect the values of your nonprofit.


An article in The Nonprofit Times advises that encouraging your fundraisers to fundraise again in the future is essential. The article also promotes giving your fundraisers many tools and ideas to help them, as well as for your nonprofit organization to “provide rules of engagement, approved logos, digital downloads, printed materials and an organizational fact sheet.”

Provide rules of engagement, approved

  • Encourage your fundraisers to use all the features on everydayhero, and make sure to share our fundraising tips.
  • Empower your fundraisers to share their story on their everydayhero fundraising page, and write about why your organization’s cause is close to their heart; this will increase the emotional impact of their fundraising page.
  • You could provide sample social media posts for Facebook and Twitter to help your fundraisers spread the word, or give them tips about how to use social media to aid their fundraising efforts.
  • Advise your fundraisers that connecting their page to MapMyFitness can help show their commitment to your cause and their training.


In addition, just reaching out to your fundraisers to say “thank you for fundraising” would be meaningful and give them an extra boost of encouragement. On everydayhero, you are provided with your fundraisers’ contact information so you can reach out and congratulate them on their fundraising and all the ways that they gave for your cause!

Brainstorm with your organization’s staff on how best you can support your peer-to-peer fundraisers and empower them to fundraise to their fullest abilities.

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By giving your peer-to-peer fundraisers more tools and information about your organization, you can help them achieve even more success, and encourage them to give more of their time, effort, fundraising, and voice to your organization.

Now get out there and inspire your peer-to-peer fundraisers and the donors who are most supportive of your cause!

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