Ways to Amp Up Your P2P Programs


2016 is quickly coming to a close, so now is the time to evaluate your current peer-to-peer programs and think about goals for next year!

Have you thought about ways you could improve upon your peer-to-peer programs in 2017? We have some actionable suggestions to share.

Survey your fundraisers, staff, and volunteers.

The only way to get feedback is to ask. Survey those involved with your event – and feel free to supplement the written feedback by asking directly as well. Keeping the verbal and written communication lines open is key to stepping up your peer-to-peer fundraising year over year.

Engage your most successful fundraisers year-round.

Connect with your star fundraisers year-round by asking them to volunteer, or be a part of a committee at your nonprofit. If they committed to fundraising for you, they have a connection that you want to nurture throughout the rest of the year. Don’t wait until event season or the next peer-to-peer fundraising ask to reach out – stay in touch with these fundraisers.

Focus on promoting the 7 behaviors of successful participant fundraising.


everydayhero’s platform encourages actions that help fundraisers raise more. These actions are:

  1. Creating a team – team captains and team members are on average more successful fundraising than those not on a team. This is because team captains can lead the charge and team members can benefit from this collective effort.
  1. Making a self-donation – we see highly successful fundraisers making the 1st donation to their pages. It gives a good start to their fundraising and shows their prospective donors their commitment to the cause.
  1. Posting page updates – Fundraisers have the ability to post photos and text updates on their completely mobile responsive fundraising pages. That means they can write updates on the go.
  1. Uploading a profile photo – Adding a photo is a key behavior of success because it helps personalize the page and provides a human connection to the fundraising.
  1. Sharing the page – Fundraisers can spread the word about their fundraising through everydayhero’s social media and email share tools. Fundraisers can easily share through Facebook and Twitter and other social sites directly on their fundraising pages.
  1. Thanking donors – On everydayhero, fundraisers can thank their donors right on their pages. When a fundraiser signs into everydayhero, there is a Thank You button that appears on their page after each donation, so they can write a personalized thank you message. This is a best practice for successful fundraising participants.
  1. Connecting MapMyFitness or Strava to everydayhero – Successful fundraising participants take advantage of the integration that everydayhero has with MapMyFitness and Strava – it uploads a map of their running route to their page. It also shows the miles run and shows all the effort that they are putting into their training if they are participating in a walk, ride or run event.

Want more tips to ramp up your peer-to-peer fundraising next year? Check out our library of webinars for more ideas.

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