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What matters this week: Preservation of species on the brink of extinction, adult ADD, non invasive STI tests and Nike sports shoes for the less able bodied. Here at everydayhero we have put together a short list of what you need to know about important issues at the forefront of our national news this week.

1. Extreme risk of extinction is a severe term and even more severe when you realise it is being used to describe 10 of Australia’s most popular species.

This week scientists and politicians will meet to address the needs of the threatened animals. Greg Hunt, the Federal Environment Minister, will launch a strategy which will address such issues as the cane toads poisoning the already depleted population of the Northern Quoll and the facial tumor epidemic ravaging the number of Tasmanian devils which has wiped out 90% of the population in some areas.

2. Recent studies have shown up a surprising result in the amount of undiagnosed adults living with ADD.

More commonly thought of as a child’s disease, a naughty child’s disease, it is hard possibly then to believe how many adults are struggling to live with Attention Deficit Disorder. With up to 70% of children and adolescents diagnosed with the disease carrying into adulthood that puts the number of Australian adults with the condition between 2 and 4 percent, much higher than previously thought. Heidi Sumich, the director of the Sydney-based Mindcare Centre, states that ‘Getting a diagnosis matters, especially if the person is impaired and they are suffering. It matters enormously because they can do something about it.’

3. A breakthrough has been made in the fight against STDs with the invention of a colour changing condom.

A condom that changes colour when it comes into contact with infections, such as chlamydia, has been developed to be able to test for STDs without the invasive tests normally required. Perhaps what is surprising about this invention is that it has come from the ingenuity of a group of school children who simply wanted to “make detecting harmful STDs safer than ever before”.

3. Nike have designed a shoe specifically for people with disabilities.

When student Matthew Walker, a cerebral palsy sufferer, wrote a letter to Nike stating his embarrassment and frustration with putting on shoes he opened the door to not only himself, but millions of other less able bodied people who also struggle with this daily task. After many years of research the Zoom Soldier 8 was launched on Monday using ‘FLYEASE technology’ developed by Nike that ‘allows for rear entry without the need to tie laces, while at the same time providing ample support.’ Nike states that “if you have a body, you are an athlete” and thanks to these new shoes they are helping many more people make this a reality.

If these news stories have inspired you to look for new ways to help create change and make a real difference in the world, everydayhero is a great place for you to get stuck in. You can fundraise, donate and volunteer for a cause close to your heart, so what are you waiting for? Your journey begins here.

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