Weekly News Roundup

This week at everydayhero we think you have probably read enough about Brexit that you may want a break from it; consider this your “break-xit”.

Did you know that your tongue can get confused by your other senses? Or that saying “I don’t have time for the gym” is not cool anymore, but making your bed is?

How to work out more without taking more precious time out of your schedule?


If you work 40+ hours from an office then you know how hard it could be to fit exercise in somewhere around the time that you spend getting ready for work or unwinding from your long work day. A new study suggests that a great way of starting to boost the amount of daily activity could be as easy as changing one seated meeting into a walking meeting. Have you tried to be the “walk with me” trendsetter in your office?http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/311207.php

What does your bed say about you?


So you make your bed every morning? While it may seem like a Sisyphean task that has little return on investment, recent studies show that beginning your day with a tidy bed can have dramatic effects on your life. This article will make you rethink the top priorities on your to-do list!


Can you trust your tongue?


In a world filled with sci-fi-like food ingredients, indecipherable names and amazing marketing teams to effect our desires, this old-as-time trick works better than anything else – color. This informal study shows participants being given the same food with a few drops of different food coloring in each portion and asked about what they taste. You will be shocked when you see the results!


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