Weekly News Roundup

parisTragedy struck Paris, France on November 13 2015 when six locations across the city were attacked by the Islamic State (ISIS). At this time, there are well over 100 confirmed dead from attacks, and many more injured victims. Terrorists strategically struck six locations across Paris, murdering innocent civilian lives. The worst of the violence struck Bataclan, with over 80 lives senselessly taken

Implications of this attack for the western world are large- This attack is likely not a one-off incident, as noted by CIA director John Brennan, and Western forces are coalescing in order to prepare for any further attacks.

In any case, this massacre has been a tragedy not only for the victims and their families in Paris, but for humanity as a whole. Seeing the ruthless and brutish killing of civilian lives has instigated numerous outcries from the general public. Countless social media channels, like Facebook, have implemented ways of honoring the massacre, as have e-commerce websites like Amazon. We honor those that have lost their lives. We stand in solidarity with Paris, but we also stand in solidarity with humanity.


Feel like you’re not walking enough? Studies show that the more time spent sitting correlates with an earlier death, and new gadgets like Fitbit do a great deal to counteract this issue. Tracking your daily steps and nutrition, the device is said to instill a sense of self-competition in its users, encouraging users to walk more and eat healthier.


Did you go shopping this Black Friday? If so, you’re in a slowly shrinking population! We all have those crazy mental images of crowds stampeding into Best Buy and Walmart the second the clocks strike 12 AM, but it looks like this trend is declining. Mobile shopping has proven to be a more efficient and convenient alternative to actual shopping, so kudos to you if this Black Friday you opted to stay at home and explore the best deals on electronics and clothing on your tablet or laptop!

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